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Array Networks’ Solution to Run on Nutanix’s Xtreme Computing Platform

For virtual application delivery on hyper-converged systems

Array Networks, Inc., in application delivery networking, announces that Array application delivery solutions have been validated to run on Nutanix, Inc.’s Xtreme Computing Platform.

Nutanix natively converges server, storage, and virtualization resources; Array Networks provides essential networking functions to deliver solutions for scaling and optimizing business-critical applications.

The Xtreme Computing Platform comes ready to run all enterprise applications, at any scale. Built on a distributed Web-scale architecture, a single Nutanix hyperconverged appliance can simultaneously run a number of different workloads, including enterprise databases and applications, virtual desktop integration and big data workloads.

Because applications and services running on Nutanix require layer-4 through lLayer-7 services for ensuring application availability, performance, and security, Array Networks’ virtual load balancing and application delivery software running on Nutanix allows IT organizations to further streamline operations and optimize applications and services running in next-generation enterprise environments.

In addition to running Array Networks virtual load balancing and application delivery directly on Nutanix appliances, dedicated Array appliances may also front end Nutanix for use cases where greater degrees of SSL transaction processing or compute-intensive tasks are required. Whether deployed in support of enterprise applications or cloud-based web applications and services, Array delivers essential application networking capabilities without undue cost and complexity.

As a member of the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Program, Array Networks is committed to supporting the application delivery needs of Nutanix customers deploying data centers.

Our partnership with Nutanix is aimed squarely at IT organizations adopting cloud and web-scale principles in their data centers,” says Michael Zhao, president and CEO, Array Networks. “By adding Array’s application delivery to Nutanix platforms, businesses can benefit from management and cost efficiencies that span storage, compute and networking.

By joining Nutanix’s Elevate program, Array Networks enhances our ecosystem of alliance partners who deliver added value on top of our platform. We are excited to explore how our customers can benefit from using Array’s unique set of application delivery solutions,” says Venugopal Pai, Nutanix VP alliances and business development.