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In Software for Cold Storage, Storiant for Sale

This is a Press Release edited by on 2015.10.08

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Storiant Corporation, in long-term, compliant storage, announced it has retained Strategic Advisory Services International, LLC (SASI) to sell the company.

Storiant is an on-premise/private cloud storage system that reduces the cost of storing petabytes of data by as much as 90%.

Inspired by the way Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon operate data centers optimized for low cost and infinite scalability, Storiant delivers a way to achieve these same efficiencies in a secure private data center.

With Storiant companies can retain data behind a firewall for $.01 per gigabyte per month, a price point previously achievable only with less secure public clouds. It delivers low TCO for a disk-based storage solution at petabyte scale and above.

The Storiant economic model opens the door to the next wave of big data solutions, plus solves the cost control challenges facing private data centers today.

Wherever there is a need for low-cost storage for big data analytics, long-term retention and compliance, the answer is Storiant. The product meets data immutability and compliance requirements by supporting industry standards such as SEC rule 17a(4), FINRA, and HIPAA.

These features make Storiant for use in financial services, government, media, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and data center services.

Storiant is tested and operating in several enterprises within these industries and was named one of Gartner's "Cool Vendors in Storage" for 2015.

The company has primarily been focused on software development and recognizes that market penetration through channel development can best be achieved by joining with a strategic partner.

While seeking a strategic partner, Storiant plans to maintain its current customers and continue investment in the development of its product.