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StorReduce Supporting Amazon S3 Standard-IA Storage Class

Inline de-dupe software can run as instance on cloud, and/or as VM on-premises at up 600MB/s.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2015.10.06

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StorReduce, Inc. announced its integration with and support for Amazon Simple Storage Service Standard-Infrequent Access (Amazon S3 Standard-IA).



Company's global inline deduplication software can run as an instance on the cloud, and/or as a VM on-premises at speeds of up to 600MB/s throughput. It allows enterprises to reduce large volumes of backup and archival data, and to reduce the amount of data stored on cloud or moved between Amazon Web Services (AWS) Regions. Using company's deduplication software, StorReduce customers have been able to reduce the volumes of data they store to as little as 5% of their previous volumes.

It is working to allow companies to migrate data off on-premises tape, disk, and backup appliance systems onto the AWS Cloud.

According to Vanessa Wilson, CEO, StorReduce, "Amazon S3 Standard-IA is a great fit for long-term storage, backup, archive, and DR. It provides high-performance, durable, and low-cost cloud storage optimized for long-lived data, that can be accessed quickly when needed."

"Organizations of all sizes are looking for fast, flexible and reliable access to highly durable, performant, scalable object storage," said Bill Vass, VP, AWS storage services, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "StorReduce's integration with Amazon S3 Standard-IA gives customers a flexible, cost effective, and easy path to migrate on-premises resources to the AWS Cloud."

SpectrumData Pty Ltd, an APN technology partner and one independent data management companies, conducted a proof of concept to migrate data to Amazon S3 with StorReduce. They performed the same tests on the same data that they had previously performed with a global deduplication hardware vendor.

Guy Holmes, director, SpectrumData, confirmed, "We're delighted with StorReduce's performance. The software deduplicates 24/7 and is more scalable Than the hardware appliances we tested. These factors help us to achieve the necessary throughput for our clients. It also showed deduplication ratios trending to over 95%, which is equal to the leading global deduplication offerings we have tested."

The Data Fabric StorReduce's offerings of HA, client-side encryption integrated with AWS Key Management Service and the ability to sync backups between multiple AWS Regions complement its migration offering and form a data fabric for organizations.

The addition of Amazon S3 Standard - IA enhances an offering from StorReduce that already quickens migration of customer data, while also reducing its footprint and storage cost on the cloud. StorReduce is a good fit for large and distributed clients, as its virtual appliance can scalably deploy to multiple sites. It also migrates the index data to AWS, presenting it with an Amazon S3 interface, so that AWS services like

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) can be used on the migrated data to maximize its business value.