Hedvig and ClusterHQ Accelerate Adoption of Docker

By delivering efficiency and scale for micro services in enterprise environments
This is a Press Release edited by on 2015.09.02

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Hedvig, Inc., the company with distributed systems DNA and in software-defined storage, joined the ClusterHQ storage partner ecosystem to offer an integrated solution that simplifies storage provisioning and data persistence for Docker volumes.

Hedvig and ClusterHQ collaborated on the development of the Hedvig storage driver for Flocker, a software plug-in that integrates Hedvig's SDS solution and ClusterHQ's Flocker container data management software. The Hedvig storage driver for Flocker is currently available on GitHub.

As containers make their way into the enterprise and production environments, there is an exponentially greater need for dynamic, well-managed, persistent storage. While developers can spin up containerized applications in a few seconds, provisioning storage for these environments can take hours, days or even weeks.

"There's been a rapid shift to containers in production environments. However, DevOps and IT teams are quickly bumping into challenges, one of which has been the lack of persistent storage for containers. Specifically, organizations need the ability to run stateful services and preserve customer and corporate data as containers migrate or expire," said Avinash Lakshman, CEO and founder, Hedvig. "Our collaboration with ClusterHQ eliminates storage bottlenecks with Docker. Hedvig's distributed storage architecture is designed for containerized applications and micro-services environments, and with Flocker by ClusterHQ we are able to seamlessly orchestrate storage with Docker for real production environments."

Together, Hedvig and ClusterHQ simplify the provisioning of storage and ensure data persistence-two key requirements for production enterprise deployments of containerized applications. With the Hedvig storage driver for Flocker, stateful data volumes follow containers as they move between hosts in the environment and data can be preserved beyond the life of the containers themselves.

ClusterHQ's solution allows enterprises to take advantage of the agility benefits of containers for their databases and other stateful services, while Hedvig's software-defined approach to storage provides flexibility, dynamic provisioning and the cost economics of commodity server infrastructure. The Hedvig storage driver for Flocker further exploits Hedvig's industry-first ability to deliver a suite of software-based advanced data services-including deduplication, compression, and tunable replication-on a per-volume basis. Ultimately, the Hedvig-Flocker integration allows DevOps and IT teams to bring applications and services in production and to market more quickly and at reduced cost.

"Hedvig's modern approach to storage is a perfect fit for Flocker. It's great to see companies like Hedvig reacting to the needs of a market that's in the middle of disruption and working to solve real business problems," said Luke Marsden, CTO and co-founder, ClusterHQ. "Avinash and his team are blazing new trails for storage technologies, and the Hedvig storage driver for Flocker brings the right ingredients to the market at the right time."