Zstor Entering Into Windows Flash Array Open Storage System

2U, 24 bays, from 4,8TB to 38,4TB, starting at €27,500
This is a Press Release edited by on 2015.08.25

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With the Windows Flash Array AF224, Zstor GmbH offers a all-flash array which is suited for use in data center.



Complete designed in 12Gb SAS architecture and equipped with 10, 40 or 56GbE interfaces, up to 1.4 million IO/s are archived. Larger files can be read with a data transfer rate around 10GB/s. The 2U rackmount system is based on two hot-swap nodes in cluster configuration, which provides data availability to the connected hosts. The Windows flash array is available with up to 38.4TB gross capacity in various system configurations.

In today's data center, which request highest performance due to database applications, such as SQL Server, high performance interfaces with 10/40/56GbE or 56Gb IB are in use. Especially here company's Windows Flash Array AF224 fits to the need of highest performance because the SSD array will be connected to the hosts via fastest Ethernet, IB, or FC infrastructure. Both internal nodes work as high available cluster and are equipped with Xeon processors. DDR4 memory granted for high speed caching of the data streams. The modular 24-bay 2U rackmount enclosure is equipped with HGST-enterprise SSDs and all data are transferred via the internal 12Gb SAS interface architecture.

"All flash appliances are becoming pervasive in the modern data center. Enterprises are storing their most critical data on these appliances, where reliability is as important as performance. HGST's Ultrastar 12Gb SAS SSD provides the best mix of low latency, extreme IO/s, high level endurance and quality without compromise," said Davide Villa, sales director, EMEA, HGST, Inc. "The combination of Microsoft Software with HGST Enterprise SSD drives and Zstor's expertise and system integration knowledge means extremely fast and secured data is guaranteed."

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Certified for Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Spaces
The two hot-swap nodes are set in cluster mode and run under Windows Server technology. The features of Windows Storage Spaces are used consistently by taking advantage of the range of services of the server OS. In addition to the internal management of the existing storage devices, the Microsoft OS offers an active/active clustering for highest availability. The connection to the attached hosts is realized while using CIFS or NFSv4.1, with integrated support for SMB 3.0. The Windows Flash Array AF224 is certified by Microsoft for use under Windows Server 2012 R2.

Integration into the virtual world of Microsoft's HyperV including RDMA support
For the use in the virtual world Windows Flash Array AF224 is well prepared and supports especially Microsoft's HyperV, which runs e.g. MS-SQL Server, MS Exchange applications or public cloud solutions. Under RDMA, direct accesses to the respective memories can be done to achieve an increase in IO/s performance. This feature is highly requested, if Windows Flash Array AF224 acts as a storage system in HyperV environments to scale-out-file-server (SoFS).

Capacities from 4,8-38,4TB with scalability up to 115TB
Up to 38.4 TeraByte gross capacity in one 2U rackmount system, equipped with high-performance 12 Gb SAS Enterprise SSDs, Windows Flash Array is ready to order as an entry or a performance class model. Depending on the configuration, up to eight Ethernet, IB, or FC channels for the connection to the hosts can be ordered. With Flash-extension units (SSD JBODs) connected via high-performance 12Gb SAS interfaces, the total capacity can be expanded up to 115TB.

The Windows Flash Array AF224 product family are available. The list prices (exclude VAT) start at approximately €27,500 for the 4.8TB version.