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Connected Data Assigned Patent

For more efficient file sync and share process

Connected Data, Inc. has been granted a U.S. Networking Patent as the company continues to establish a new era of private cloud file sync and share (FSS) appliances.

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The patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,959,242) was secured in seven months and sets the standard for how companies can reduce network bandwidth issues that impede performance when sharing files across computers and mobile devices.

Traditional public cloud file sync and share storage services send the same common data from the cloud, downloading it to each device being synced. This process is repeated thousands of time a day in an organization, using up high amounts of bandwidth and making it highly inefficient.

Company’s patented peer-to-peer file sharing innovation reduces the bandwidth required for sharing data by placing a network-stored folder on each device. Once created, these folders are synchronized and file modifications are updated to the main folder, then synced to other devices via peer-to-peer communication. This method is far more efficient as there is only one occurrence of bandwidth usage and no additional Internet usage is needed to sync the devices.

Securing a patent in under seven months speaks to the disruptive nature and value of how Transporter addresses the synchronization and sharing of files across the network,” said Dr. Geoff Barrall, CEO, Connected Data. “Public cloud service providers like Dropbox and Box send the same data from the cloud to every device each time file syncing occurs. For a large enterprise, this can mean that over a million transactions are hitting their Internet connection daily creating a serious performance bottleneck. Our peer-to-peer communication approach is simple and eliminates the congestion on the company’s Internet connections while giving users significant performance gains when updating and sharing files.

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Transporter for Business appliances are addressing the next wave of FSS solutions that remove the risk, complexity and costs associated with public cloud services. Designed from day one to protect and secure business data onsite, Transporter appliances support employees’ needs to sync, access and share files across multiple devices while giving IT administrators the performance, control, and security they require. With Transporter, organizations leave their files exactly where they are and sync files with their existing storage solutions. Users get the benefits and simplicity of the cloud with the performance and protection of an on-premise NAS that public cloud service providers can’t deliver.