Permabit Albireo SANblox Qualified by EMC E-Lab

Inline deduplication and compression for VMAX, VNX
This is a Press Release edited by on 2015.08.06

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Permabit Technology Corporation announced that its Albireo SANblox appliance is EMC E-Lab tested, qualified, and approved for use with EMC Corporation's VMAX and VNX storage arrays.


EMC E-Lab conducts industry's interoperability testing and is the industry gold standard for server networking and storage interoperability.

The complete inline data reduction appliance, SANblox provides inline deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning to new or existing primary storage. When combined with leading EMC storage solutions, SANblox increases capacity, improves effective cost, and accelerates performance for mission critical data.


SANblox leverages existing management features of arrays (thin provisioning, snapshots and replication) and sits as a separate appliance on the SAN, so it can be selectively applied to data sets that benefit from deduplication and compression, while remaining out of the path of those that don't. With inline data reduction, storage savings from deduplication and compression are realized immediately. The result has the combined effect of increasing effective capacity to reduce costs while expanding cache utilization to enhance performance.

"Permabit delivers the fastest, most scalable, most effective data reduction solutions in the world. The E-Lab qualification provides assurance that resellers can deploy SANblox today with leading EMC storage solutions to maximize their customers' storage capacity and lower their storage TCO," said Tom Cook, CEO, Permabit.

SANblox is available through EMC Select.