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Veritas Advanced in Cloud Backup and Turbocharges Performance With NetBackup 7.7

Expands virtualization integration and delivers intelligent policy enhancements.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2015.07.15

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Veritas Technologies Corporation, Symantec Corp.'s information management business, announced its enterprise data protection solution, NetBackup 7.7.


Among its capabilities, the solution includes features that expand the effectiveness of backup and recovery operations that utilize cloud storage services, adding support for new cloud providers and increasing performance by up to thirty times.

"Today many enterprises are adding cloud storage to their menu of backup storage choices to gain the advantages of elasticity, agility, and OpEx pricing, or simply to replace tape," says Ana Pinczuk, SVP, backup and recovery, Veritas. "NetBackup 7.7 is designed to exploit these storage alternatives in a much more optimal way, enabling IT organizations to easily incorporate cloud storage into their backup strategy, without compromise."

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This release enhances the performance and interoperability of backups directed to cloud storage services such as those offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Hitachi Data Systems, Verizon, and Cloudian.

NetBackup 7.7 introduces integration with vSphere Virtual Volumes, Hyper-V, NetApp clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT), and SQL Server, and delivers enhanced self-service capabilities that allow both IT and non-IT users to independently manage and control backup and recovery activities using intuitive interfaces combined with native tools.

"As the sheer volume and scope of enterprise data continues to increase, businesses need better tools to adequately protect their data against loss. NetBackup 7.7 is designed to provide faster, easier recovery with enhanced performance and efficient storage techniques to manage data protection at every layer of the stack," said Phil Goodwin, research director, storage systems and software, IDC. "These new enhancements can help businesses take advantage of the cost efficiencies and operational agility of cloud storage, by improving performance and expanding the choice of service providers."

The cloud connector introduced in NetBackup 7.7, designed on Amazon Simple Storage Service, is optimized to improve backup and restore times for Amazon S3-compatible cloud storage targets. The connector takes advantage of multi-streaming and other techniques to utilize network bandwidth, reducing backup and recovery times when compared to previous releases. In addition, NetBackup 7.7 supports cloud gateways from NetApp and AWS using a tiered approach to replicate backup data to cloud storage.


NetBackup's Auto Image Replication (AIR) feature is integrated with cloud services - enabling businesses to efficiently replicate catalog and backup data in a cloud environment, while efficiently preserving the de-duplicated state of backups. New Intelligent Policies for Hyper-V and SQL Server help enterprise IT organizations scale faster, increase flexibility, and provide the appropriate controls to the right people.

NetBackup 7.7 converged platform simplifies infrastructure management and has advanced automated processes and controls to protect complex physical and virtual environments.

"Datalink and Veritas have had a long history of success together. NetBackup is our go-to solution for enterprise backup and recovery solutions," said Mike Spindler, practice director, data protection and storage, Datalink Corp. "We are excited for Veritas NetBackup 7.7 and the enhancements with the cloud, Hyper-V, and enhanced data protection of array based snapshots & replication. We look forward to helping customers reduce costs and complexity while improving their ability to meet business needs."

"NetBackup has been a trusted solution in enterprise backup and recovery, safeguarding one of our company's most valuable assets - our data," said Richard Morris, Colt Technology Services Group Limited. "We're excited about the advancements coming with NetBackup 7.7, including its growing list of cloud providers and increased cloud performance. We will continue to entrust our data to the Veritas team to enable us to easily manage our information and ensure availability when and where we need it."

NetBackup 7.7 is available through channel partners, as well as directly through the company.