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By AC&NC, JetStor 16-Bay RDX16 and 48-Bay RDX48 Storage Systems

Built with EchoStreams, and Raidix Systems, featuring RAID-7.3, SDS, SSD caching and data corruption safeguards

Advanced Computer & Network Corporation (AC&NC) introduced its JetStor RDX16 and RDX48 systems that are complete solutions engineered to support media production, medical imaging and HPC.


Utilizing EchoStreams, and Raidix technologies, the platforms are tuned to store and deliver large block files like high-resolution medical photographs and HD film and television content. They speed delivery of voluminous HPC data and can serve as a cluster system building-block or independent HPC storage to meet the needs of supercomputing and big data applications. For all applications, the JetStor RDX systems deliver data protection and no performance loss even with multiple clients.

Built with JetStor storage platforms, EchoStreams’ high-speed server systems, and Raidix software for software-defined storage functionality, the JetStor RDX solutions are an large-block media delivery and storage systems to offer RAID-7.3. The triple parity of RAID-7.3 decreases the probability of system failure and ensures rapid data recovery even if three disks fail simultaneously.

Thanks to the partnership between AC&NC, EchoStreams, and Raidix, enterprises of all sizes can now cost-effectively save and retrieve the largest and most critical files,” said Gene Leyzarovich, president, AC&NC. “We designed JetStor RDX solutions to meet the data availability and integrity needs of heavy HPC workloads and time-sensitive media productions, and to ensure medical data and images are always safe and quickly accessible.

Speed, safety and functionality
The JetStor RDX16 and RDX48 solutions use Raidix error-correction technology to detect and fix silent corruptions while normal disk operations are performing without performance degradation. Additionally, the systems conduct background scans for silent errors during lower-activity periods. As a result, they eliminate data loss, ensuring that vital files always remain intact.

The JetStor RDX solutions deploy SSD caching to maximize storage and retrieval performance. The Raidix caching controller automatically identifies and relocates frequently accessed data to the chassis’ SSDs for the fastest access and media transfer speeds possible. Frames, for example, are never dropped even with concurrent HD or 2K-8K digital video streams and the solutions furnish the massive throughput demanded by HPC applications.

“Collaboration with AC&NC, Raidix, and EchoStreams enable us to provide unique end-to-end solutions of robust and high performance storage while providing cost effective platforms,” said Andy Lee, director product marketing, Echostreams Innovative Solutions, LLC. “RDX16 and RDX48 solutions are highly scalable that allow small, medium businesses and even enterprise customers to have HA storage for small storage scalable up to Exascale storage solutions.

The JetStor RDX solutions support tier 0 and tier 1 shared storage. The JetStor RDX16 solution offers a 3U 4-bay tier 0 and 16-bay tier 1 storage EchoStreams clustered server and the JetStor RDX48 system features a 4U, 48-bay EchoStreams flash array server. A 3U 16-bay RDX16 array provides storage, and capacity can be easily and economically increased by adding JBODs from AC&NC.

For economy and ease of deployment, the JetStor RDX solutions support protocols, including SAN, DAS, NAS, FC, and iSCSI, reducing complexity and hardware costs.

As a software development company, Raidix relies on partners to deliver our product to end-users, and the choice of partners is critical for how our product is presented to the market,” says Anna Belova, VP business development, Raidix, LLC. “AC&NC and EchoStreams share our philosophy of perfection, crave innovations and never compromise on quality. Impeccable design and unrivaled quality of EchoStreams hardware never gave us a second thought to our choice. AC&NC provides seamless product integration, scrupulous quality check, pre-sales support and maintenance care for the storage locally. Thanks to our synergy, we’re can provide even the most demanding customers in HPC, healthcare and media with rigorous and practical storage solutions.