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Small Growth in 1Q15 for WW SSD Market

King supplier being Samsung

This is an abstract of an executive summary of NAND SSD Information Service, CQ1 ’15 Quarterly Update, May 8, 2015, by analysts of Trendfocus, Inc.

SSD Market Posts Small Growth in CQ1 ’15
Higher Client SSD volumes offset Enterprise SSD unit shipments

SSD shipments totaled 23.19 million units, fueled by client SSDs shipping 20.96 million.

Total SSD capacity shipped eased slightly to 5.65EB; average capacity decreased to 244GB.

Consumption of previously purchased enterprise SATA SSDs from CQ4 ’14 pulled down total enterprise SSD volumes in CQ1 ’15.

SAS SSDs posted the largest percentage growth in the enterprise segment of 14.4%, totaling 493K units.

Enterprise PCIe shipments grew slightly Q/Q to 98,000 units total; including one vendor gaining significant market share.


Total SSD Supplier Market Share, by Supplier, Units (M), Exabytes

CQ1 ’15 Total SSD Market 23.190 Million Units
trendfocus,ssd,1Q15 f1

CQ1 ’15 Total SSD Market 5.65EB
trendfocus,ssd,1Q15 f2