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“Headline That Cisco Has Acquired Nutanix Incredibly Misleading

Wrote Nutanix communications manager

Kate Reed, communications manager, Nutanix, wrote to us in an email: “The headline that Cisco has acquired Nutanix is incredibly misleading.”

It’s not really surprising for a PR to deny an information not officially published by a firm she is working for. That’s her job. If it happens, the same person will say that it was just a rumor at this time, that her company does not comment rumor, and that now any executive of the acquirer’s or buyer’s side is, of course, available for an interview.

Furthermore, our headline is “Datacenter Wars: Cisco Prepares to Fire by Acquiring Nutanix.” It doesn’t mean at all that Cisco has acquired Nutanix but that it may happen and soon.

Jared Rinderer, CFA, senior research analyst, Equity Capital Research Group, author of this prediction, even wrote that the deal “may be announced during Nutanix’s user/partner conference in Miami from June 8-10th.” It wil also a good opportunity to announced this operation at Cisco Live on June 7-11 in San Diego, CA.

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Our opinion is that this deal will be an excellent move for Cisco, but other companies could be interested by the acquisition of the Nutanix’s remarkable and successful technology (EMC, especially OEM Dell, HP, NetApp, IBM, Symantec/Veritas, etc).

Nutanix could also prefer an IPO as – another rumor – it hires recently underwriters for this operation.

Wait and see …