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S3S Reselling Syneto

In Benelux

Syneto S.R.L., the Europe-based manufacturer of storage industry’s arrays, has announced a partnership with Server Storage Solutions b.v.b.a. (S3S) to offer custom and off-the-shelf solutions for IT resellers and SI’s.

The agreement will see S3S become Syneto’s sole partner in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

After testing Syneto’s products, S3S, which has been selling software-defined systems since 2004, decided to add the entire suite of Syneto products to its portfolio.

We were instantly drawn to Syneto’s tech-savvy and eager team, but were more impressed still by the company’s technology. Syneto’s OS, Syneto Storage OS, uniquely brings together the power of ZFS with a user-friendly and easy-to-configure interface. This, combined with the Syneto hardware, makes for a very disruptive package that can reduce the time spent managing storage,” said Roel De Frene, CEO, S3S.

Syneto’s solutions include the ARK, ULTRA and EXTREME Series. These storage arrays have been implemented across a number of sites by S3S. Over the past year, this partner has sold 30 Syneto arrays totaling over 3PB of storage in Belgium alone.

Our solutions enable strategies including desktop virtualisation, HA and DR, which is why S3S, with its deep understanding of these technologies and the local market, and its impressive customer base, is so well placed to bring our disruptive solutions to organisations in this region,” said Dragos Chioran, head of marketing, Syneto.

S3S’s customers span the public and private sectors across numerous industries. This partner will offer Syneto’s storage arrays to enable its customers to benefit from performance enterprise storage in HA clusters for datacenters, virtualisation and private clouds. Furthermore, Syneto’s converged storage capabilities represent a good solution to meet the needs of SMBs with a complete and affordable package. Ultimately, end-users stand to benefit from Syneto’s solutions to overcome most pressing industry challenges from DR to server virtualisation, VMware integration, and desktop virtualisation.