UConn Health Chooses Qumulo Core Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS

For HPC infrastructure
This is a Press Release edited by on 2015.05.01

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Qumulo, Inc., provider of data-aware scale-out NAS, announced that UConn Health has chosen its Core for HPC infrastructure to support life sciences research.

UConn Health

Qumulo has participated at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo, April 21-23 in Boston where the company demonstrated its Qumulo Core software.

Qumulo Core is designed for the storage performance, capacity, and data visibility needs faced by organizations engaged in life sciences research. UConn Health has selected Qumulo as they design and build out their large scale performance computing datacenter, which is used for a range of life science research, including genomics, personalized medicine, complex systems modeling, and big data.

"UConn Health has high performance and high capacity needs to support the exponential growth of our life sciences data - and we were looking for a more intelligent, scalable and cost effective NAS solution for the long term," said Ion Moraru, associate professor of cell biology and director of the HPC facility, UConn Health. "We were impressed with Qumulo's flash-first hybrid design for performance and the real-time analytics that enable us to understand our data footprint and performance by user, application, and project across a single large shared storage resource."

"We are thrilled to be working closely with UConn Health as a thought leader and customer in life sciences," said Peter Godman, co-founder and CEO, Qumulo. "Technology advances in DNA sequencing and other research are creating data at an unprecedented rate, and next generation scale-out storage provides instant insight into data at scale, abstracts away the underlying infrastructure, and achieves breakthrough price/performance using intelligent software on commodity hardware."

Qumulo Core builds real-time data analytics into storage, giving enterprises a view of their data and storage resources at scale.

Key benefits of Core include:

  • Real-time analytics: doesn't just store data, but also curates and manages it.
  • Software-only solution: runs on commodity hardware, on dedicated appliances, or in VMs.
  • Flash-first hybrid design: maximizes both price/performance and price/capacity.
  • SaaS software delivery model: pay-as-you-go for continual infrastructure software innovation.
  • No compromise storage: optimized for a wide range of workloads and file sizes.
  • 100% programmable: public and self-documenting REST API with interactive API explorer built into the web UI.