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Neutrino Bridge Adapter for HDD/SSD With USB 3.1 Interface by AkiTiO


AkiTiO, Inc. is set to release one of the first USB 3.1 devices into the market.


The Neutrino Bridge is actually much more than a USB 3.1 device. It is actually three separate products in one.

USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gb)
By simply sliding a HDD or SSD into the bridge and connecting it via a USB cable to your computer it becomes an external storage device. If your computer has USB 3.0 then you would get USB 3.0 speeds. But, if your computer or the computer you plan to purchase has the new and improved and fast 10 Gb/s USB 3.1 interface, then you can enjoy the speed and benefits of USB 3.1.

2.5-inch drive adapter
Another use for the bridge is as a drive adapter. Most 3.5″ storage devices are only designed for 3.5″ drives. While 3.5″ drives do provide the best cost per gigabyte, they are not as fast as SSD’s. If you already have a 3.5″ enclosure and want to enjoy the speed benefits of an SSD, all you need to do is insert an SSD of your choice into the Neutrino Bridge and insert the bridge into the drive bay of your 3.5″ enclosure. It has the screw holes to hold the 2.5″ drive to it as well as all of the holes to attach the bridge to your 3.5″ enclosure’s drive bay and the SATA connector fits right into the SATA port on your enclosure.

SSD Reader
The bridge can be used as an SSD reader. Imagine filming on an SSD and removing the SSD from the camera and sliding it into the bridge. All you need to do is connect it to your computer and by using bus power alone, you can be editing the footage out in the field. The bridge will work with virtually any brand or capacity of SSD or HDD thus making it an integral part of any on-site shoot.


Keeping an SSD in the bridge and using it in several different ways can also protect the drive from damage caused by constantly connecting and disconnecting it from a SATA connector. This 3-in-1 product will be available in early April at the price of just $47.99.