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Bacula VM Performance Backup Suite

For large data volume and cost efficiency

Bacula Systems SA announced VM Performance Backup Suite further raises the bar for backup and restore cost-effectiveness, coupled with new version release to bring rich feature-sets to large IT departments.


Continuing  in backup and restore for large enterprises, Bacula Systems announced its VM Performance Backup Suite, coinciding with the availability of version 8.2 of Enterprise Edition.

This functionality-set offers companies enhanced capabilities to drive costs down for large IT departments in the face of rapidly growing data volume.

Building upon the foundation of scalable backup and restore, the availability of Bacula Enterprise Edition 8.2, together with the VM Performance Backup Suite brings enterprise grade backup and restore for both virtual and physical servers to large IT departments.

Built to meet modern datacenter demands along with next-generation IT requirements, the features of this version release are:

  • enterprise VM backup and restore for Hyper V, VMware, KVM, combined with Global Endpoint Deduplication for extra performance gains.

  • Snapshots on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms, where snapshots can be automatically created and used to backup files. Advanced Snapshot management tools enable automatic snapshot creation, retention and monitoring using Bacula’s Catalog, with support for ZFS, BTRFS and LVM.

  • GUI features in BWebManagement Suite, (web-based configuration, reporting and management tool) such as File Selections Box; TLS certificate management; ‘Storage Status View’, and improved Storage Daemon disk space reporting.

  • Copy and migrate storage daemon with deduplication

We know that costs from Bacula Systems will remain flat, regardless of how much our data volume grows or how often we need to replace our servers by more powerful ones. Knowing that, combined with the outstanding support by Bacula Systems is really liberating” said Thomas Nau, deputy director, communication and information center (kiz), University of Ulm, Germany

Large companies, data centers and cloud providers can now get both their virtual and physical server data backed up with full availability, from one high-value vendor. As physical, virtual and cloud systems converge, this opportunity to modernize backup strategy and cut costs is proving especially attractive to large research laboratories, large hosting centers, universities and large enterprises around the world, who need to meet specific data security standards” said Frank Barker, CEO, Bacula.