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Faster Retrospect Backup Software V10 for Windows and V12 for Mac

From $119 for desktop to $2,199 for multi server

Retrospect, Inc. announced a release of his backup and recovery software focusing on engine improvements that increase backup and restore speeds by up to 100%.

In addition to these performance advancements, Retrospect has enhanced several features; improved data grooming and backup set transfers provide more effective storage usage, while enhanced email summaries, real-time progress updates for intensive operations, and a backup-detail hover function on the Retrospect Dashboard offer more in-depth monitoring of backups.

Retrospect has added native 64-bit Linux support, certification for SQL Server 2014, and strengthened its resilience against network hiccups.

These under-the-hood improvements provide our customers even more value as the amount of data continues to grow exponentially in today’s computing environments” said Matt Johnson, VP sales, Retrospect. “Businesses continue to generate more and more data and they need stronger solutions that can protect this critical information without adding additional cost. Retrospect 10 for Windows and 12 for Mac meet this challenge by consistently improving core technologies every year.

Retrospect v10 for Windows and v12 for Mac are available.

They are free updates for customers with current qualifying annual support and maintenance contracts, and are available from resellers or on the company’s website as an electronic download.

Retrospect is available in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Pricing for Retrospect ranges from $119 for Retrospect Desktop, which protects a single non-server computer and up to five additional networked computers, to $2,199 for Retrospect Multi Server, which protects as many Mac, Windows, and Linux servers and PCs as your bandwidth and storage capacity will allow. Upgrades range from $69 to $1,299. (All prices listed are suggested retail pricing)