Winter Release ’15 of Intronis ECHOplatform

Supports more complex cloud, virtualized and physical IT environments.
This is a Press Release edited by on 2015.03.13

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Simplifying and accelerating real-time data recovery for channel partners, Intronis, Inc. announced the Winter Release '15 of its ECHOplatform.


The release '15 introduces several business-building features and core functionalities. The enhancements are designed to help channel partners support more complex cloud, virtualized and physical IT environments, grow their share of wallet with existing customers, and attract business by offering a real-time, cloud-based data recovery solution that's built to protect the business.

Key features within ECHOplatform include:

  • Hyper-V rapid recovery: Enables channel partners to better support hybrid IT environments by offering Hyper-V environment recovery from local image-based storage in as fast as 30s.

  • Imaging rapid recovery: Supports and simplifies rapid recovery for physical server environments from local image-based storage, using a combination of advanced algorithms, native data formats and reverse incremental backup techniques.

  • Object-level restore: Allows channel partners to retrieve specific files, folders, and databases from physical and virtual local image-based backups with greater ease, accuracy and efficiency.

  • VMware 6.0 ready: Ensures channel partners will be able to provide native backup for the upcoming release of the hypervisor platform.



Channel partner, Lloyd Cutler, president, Executive Network Services, Inc., was part of the beta for the 2015 Winter Release and said: "We ran full backup and reverse-incremental backup to a NAS device, as well as to USB, and both were successful and completed in record time," says Cutler. "We'll be switching our clients over from other platforms as soon as possible."

"Intronis is continually looking for ways to simplify the backup and recovery processes our partners use, and the 2015 Winter Release is another dramatic step forward," says Chuck DeLouis, VP, product management, Intronis. "The Intronis ECHOplatform offers one of the fastest recover time objectives in the industry, while at the same time offering channel partners greater flexibility in how and what they recover. This combination of speed, flexibility, and reliability enables our partners to rapidly and efficiently get their clients backup and running in just minutes -when they need it most."

Built for use by channel partners, the ECHOplatform sells for a fixed monthly cost, making it easier for channel partners to resell the managed service at a predictable and profitable price. With its features and functionalities, the platform supports the broadest range of backup and DR use cases for SMBs. It also offers channel partners the utmost speed, flexibility and precision recovery options including being able to recover an entire VM or server for example in minutes, or restoring the data by copy the files through the portal of any hyper-V or image backup without mounting the image.

"The enhanced image-object level restore works very well," says Intronis channel partner Alex Wilkins, president, Wilkins IT Solutions. "It's extremely fast and easy, which will save valuable time in an actual crisis when every minute counts."