New Califorian Company Xitore

In SSD controllers
This is a Press Release edited by on 2015.02.24

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Incorporated in March of 2014 in California, with headquarter located in Laguna Liguel, CA, Xitore, Inc., provider of High Bandwidth, low latency data storage,, announced some insight.

"Xitore is focusing on developing the revolutionary, next generation SSD products. Xitore's revolutionary SSD controller and product solution will enhance, user experience by increasing storage bandwidth to >20GB/s in a single SSD unit, while reducing storage latency to a fix duration of <2μs. At Xitore we are taking the end user experience into eXtremely new levels. Xitore's disruptive technology will be the frontier of storage industry," said Mike Amidi, founder and CEO, Xitore, formerly at SMART Modular Technologies, Netlist and WD.

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