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Italian Firm Syneto Unveils All-Flash Arrays

And RAIDs for long-term archiving

Syneto, an European manufacturer of storage arrays, unveiled its expanded and enhanced line of solutions.

Syneto,All-Flash Arrays

Addressing issues including scalability, performance and cost all under the company’s mission to give its customers usability experience, Syneto’s product line includes the new ARK Series of storage arrays for long-term archiving, a further enhanced range of ULTRA hybrid systems that use a tiered approach to decrease end-to-end latency in virtual and private cloud environments by up to 100 times, and its EXTREME family, a line of all-flash arrays offering speed and high IO/s at low TCO.
The Syneto ARK Series arrays

The new ARK Series offers a number of features including data integrity to prevent data corruption over time, and unlimited scalability:

  • IntegriCheck keeps data consistent with checksums instead of HDD sector-size modifications or dedicated hardware, ensuring that silent data corruption is detected and self-healed directly on the array;
  • FlexPool enables painless capacity growth up to a (theoretical) limit of 300 million petabytes with no downtime.

The series consists of the ARK-110 model, featuring 12 bays in a 1U chassis, and the ARK-410 system, offering 36 bays in a 4U chassis and scaling up to 936TB with JBODs. It holds several advantages over competing alternatives including a competitive pricing structure. The ARK arrays also include a suite of storage efficiency technologies that boost the performance of their multi-core CPUs as well as their DRAM memory; these technologies include in-line compression and in-line deduplication, that help squeeze up to 5x more data in any given storage capacity.
Today’s backup and archive storage solutions need high per-rack unit disk density to provide all-important low cost/TB. Our ARK Series is designed from the ground up to act as an on/off-site snapshot replication target. And our SmartSnap data recovery technology allows enterprises and system administrators to recover data and be up and running in a matter of minutes, minimising any monetary losses,” said Vadim Comanescu, COO, Syneto.
TARK Series launch is accompanied by the news that Syneto’s ULTRA and EXTREME Series of storage arrays have been through a refresh. The priority for the company’s engineers was the development of products based on intelligent, solid design rather than technical and cost constraints, products that would give customers an unique user experience.
At Syneto we are passionate about the quality of our products. Just imagine the performance, power and attention to detail that are typical of a luxury Italian sports car like a Ferrari: we aim to build the storage equivalent. We consider ourselves craftsmen and want our solutions to be part of a storage strategy that is as unique as our customers’ environments and requirements are. Managing data growth is naturally challenging but our objective is to make this process a pivotal part of an organisation’s success,” said Dragos Chioran, head of marketing, Syneto.
Syneto ULTRA Series arrays
The ULTRA Series offers performance and flexibility, and is an hybrid unified storage solution for mixed workloads. FlexPool technology spreads data over RAM, SSDs and spinning disks, and enables 75-90% of data reads/writes to be performed directly from DRAM with nanosecond latencies, faster than the millisecond latencies given by SSDs found in other hybrid systems. In addition a larger Level 1 RAM cache provides greater storage for frequently and recently-used data. 

Syneto’s ULTRA line also offers:

  • VMBox technology which uses the array’s CPU, RAM and storage to create and host up to 22 local VMs, turning any ULTRA array into a hyper converged storage solution;
  • Integration with VMWare allowing VM management from the storage itself thanks to Syneto’s VirtualUnity technology;
  • InstaSnap for fast, incremental, consolidated, memory-consistent snapshots of any VMware datastore, and
  • The ability to create an active-active HA cluster using the built-in PowerCluster technology.

For low cost and high performance the drive density has been increased from 24 to 36 bays in a 4U enclosure for both the ULTRA-410 and the ULTRA-420 models.

EXTREME Series arrays

  • They deliver on the promise of all-flash arrays: speed, high IO/s and low TCO:
  • Reaches up to 340,000 IO/s;
  • Offers the ability to create instant clones of VDIs with no need for additional space;
  • Allows instant capacity expansion with the addition of additional flash drives or JBODs yet without the need for downtime;
  • SpaceBoost technology makes low TCO a reality by allowing up to 5x more data to be stored in any given capacity thanks to in-line data reduction methods like live deduplication and compression, and
  • Prices from €20/virtual desktop with the potential for up to 6,000 VDIs on each array.

EXTREME arrays come loaded with twice as much CPU and RAM capacity than their predecessors, ensuring high throughput and low latency, and have the ability to run hundreds of VDIs with varying workloads simultaneously, offering a solution for server and desktop virtualisation, databases, big data engines, private clouds and next-gen technical applications.


Syneto storage arrays components are sourced from a number of manufacturing partners, similar to other storage vendors (Pure Storage, Tintri, Tegile, etc.). They use Supermicro chassis, LSI controllers and Intel CPUs.