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Ranking of SSD Makers in 4Q14 – Trendfocus

Samsung (33%), SanDisk (20%), then Intel and Kingston (9%)

Continuing to be a reference for the HDD market, and now a reliable source for SSDs, Trendfocus, Inc. has published the report,  NAND/SSD Information Service – February 17, 2015 CQ4 ’14 Quarterly Update and Long-Term Forecast Rev. 021615. Abstracts.

CQ4’14 Total SSD Market 22.858 Million Units

Samsung once again held the highest market share for total SSDs shipped in the quarter, shipping one-third of all SSDs in CQ4 ’14. SanDisk held the second highest share overall, but declined from 21.1% in CQ3 ’14 to 20.3% in CQ4’14.
The overall SSD market grew 4.1% in CQ4’14, with an increase of approximately 900K SSD units versus CQ3’14.
Samsung and SanDisk continued to represent over half of the overall SSD units shipped at 53.3% share in CQ4 ’14 – the share declined slightly from 54.9% in CQ3’14.
All suppliers, except Toshiba, increased their total SSD unit share in CQ4’14.
Samsung shipped the most exabytes in the market, representing 43.1% share, outpacing their unit share percentage; SanDisk had the next most exabytes shipped with 13% of the total.