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PCIe NVMe MLC G-card SSDs Introduced by Greenliant

Raw apacity of 1.37TB and 2.75TB

Greenliant Systems, Ltd has introduced its G7100 Series G-card NVMe flash storage products to select system integrators, OEMs, enterprise and Internet customers.

Greenliant,G-card NVMe

G-card is a high capacity NVMe flash storage solution designed for primary storage applications that require reliability with sustainable low-latency and high IO/s performance. Building on Greenliant’s expertise in embedded storage, G-card complements the NANDrive and ArmourDrive SSD families to provide a portfolio of storage solutions.

G-card utilizes Greenliant’s controller and an array of NANDrive SSDs in a standard PCIe add-in card form factor. In contrast to other PCIe flash cards that use discrete NAND, G-card deploys Distributed ECC Architecture with each NANDrive building-block having its own ECC engine. This architecture improves scalability in card capacity, and ensures sustainable performance and reliability during the product life. In addition G-card is equipped with on-board hardware RAID to provide a system-level lifetime endurance of up to 10 Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD) for 5 years. With an intelligent power interrupt data protection circuit for the on-board buffer memory, G-card can commit host write operations without risk of data loss due to sudden power interruptions.

Being NVMe compliant, G-card is bootable on multiple OSs.

While other PCIe card products require substantial host resources to perform, G-card’s architecture needs minimal host resources to achieve bottleneck-free performance that scales linearly with multiple cards installed in a server. Its sustainable low latency, high IO/s, reliability and scalability make G-card for mission critical I/O intensive applications, such as database, in-memory computing, big data analytics, VDI and OLTP.

Using the bundled software utility, user capacity can be flexibly configured for performance and capacity tradeoffs. By maximizing the lifespan and reliability of 2-bits-per-cell (MLC) NAND flash, it offers enterprise and Internet datacenters a cost-effective tier-one primary storage solution.

Leveraging our in-depth flash memory knowledge and volume-proven NAND controller expertise, Greenliant is addressing the industry’s increasing need for higher reliability, higher performance and larger capacity flash-based storage solutions,” said Bing Yeh, CEO, Greenliant. “With G-card, customers can achieve the efficiency and scalability required to meet their rapidly growing storage demands.”

G7100 Series G-card products are currently offered in two raw capacities: G7101 with 1.37TB and G7102 with 2.75TB.