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Winchester Systems FlashDisk RAID Arrays With Self Encrypted Disks

Starts at under $9,000.

Winchester Systems Inc. announced Self Encrypted Disk (SED) drives.

Winchester Systems FX-2U12 with expansion


These drives enable security of data at rest and an often requested ability to perform a quick erase on command. They feature AES-256 encryption and FIPS 140-2 validation.

Data security is a requirement for all commercial and military applications. Data security breaches in the news are almost a daily occurrence. The need for data security for military data is even more obvious. Finally, the erase feature ensures that when drives are retired, turned in for repair or redeployed in new application, all the data is permanently removed first on command, in just a fews per drive. A hands-on and detailed white paper,  FlashDisk Self Encrypting Drives and Secure Erase, shows how these two critical features work.

FlashDisk RAID disk arrays offer number of SED choices including:

  • 3.5″ SEDs: 7,200rpm: 2, 3, 4TB

  • 2.5″ SEDs: 10,000rpm: 600, 900GB

  • 2.5″ SEDs: 7,200rpm: 500GB, 1TB

FlashDisk RAID models support SED drives and quick erase:

Military customers have always wanted this feature and today commercial customers also definitely need it,” according Jerry Namery, CTO, Winchester Systems. “Now there is a way to protect data at rest in every important application with only a small price premium.

Prices for FlashDisk RAID disk arrays with SED disks starts at under $9,000. Products are available and delivery is 2-3 weeks.