Primary Data Out of Stealth Mode

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak joins as chief scientist.
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Primary Data, Inc. emerged from stealth at DEMO Fall 2014, unveiling its platform that virtualizes data across a single global dataspace.

Just as server virtualization decoupled compute from the underlying server infrastructure, the platform decouples application data from the underlying storage infrastructure to bring dynamic data mobility to the enterprise.

Data virtualization gives applications, servers, and clients the ability to transparently access data while it is intelligently migrated between direct-attached, network-attached, private and public cloud storage across a single global dataspace to deliver manageability, performance, and efficiency.

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"Primary Data is a catalyst that makes the software-defined datacenter a reality," said Lance Smith, Primary Data CEO. "By virtualizing data across a single global dataspace, enterprises can extract more performance from their infrastructure and easily scale with growth. Automated, policy-driven data placement enables IT to finally respond dynamically to business requirements in real time, delivering breakthrough agility that transforms today's datacenters."
"Enterprise applications and datasets require a wide range of performance and capacity, and those requirements change over time," said David Flynn, Primary Data co-founder and CTO. "Data virtualization is the inevitable next step for enterprise architectures, as it seamlessly integrates existing infrastructure and the full spectrum of specialized capabilities provided by ultra-performance and ultra-capacity storage resources."
The company makes data virtualization possible by separating the metadata that describes files from the actual file data to allow universal access to data across all types and tiers of storage. An intelligent policy engine provides on-demand data placement, agnostic storage protocols deliver access across file, block and object stores, and a full complement of data services enable seamless linear scalability of performance and capacity. By dynamically matching data demands and placement with storage supply, it helps IT professionals proactively meet application needs while simplifying manageability.
Initially available as an integrated platform, Primary Data makes it easy to add storage capacity and performance from third-party vendors when needed.

Elements of Primary Data virtualization platform include:

  • Data Hypervisor: Virtualizes data by decoupling the access channel from the control channel. It makes clients protocol-agnostic and allows data to be transparently placed across third-party storage under a global dataspace.
  • Data Director: A central management system that acts as a metadata server for the Data Hypervisor clients and provides policy definitions for data movement and placement.
  • Policy Engine: Enables organizations to manage data independently of storage. User-defined policies automate data movement across all storage types based on the data's current performance, price, and protection needs.
  • Global Dataspace: The platform gives data administrators global visibility into all storage resources in the enterprise. Real-time policies dynamically migrate data between storage tiers as application and data demands change.

"SDS abstracts storage capabilities dynamically derived from physical or virtual devices and/or services - independent of location or class of storage - which offers agility and delivers QoS) while optimizing costs," wrote Dave Russell and Arun Chandrasekaran, Gartner analysts. "While SDS is still largely a vision, it is a powerful notion that could revolutionize storage architectural approaches and storage consumption models over time.

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Our Comments

There are old relationships since several years between Apple co-founder in the mid-1970s Steve Wozniak, just recruited as chief scientist for Primary Data, and its CEO Lance Smith, CTO and co-founder David Flynn and co-founder and CMO Rick White.

Wozniak joins the advisory board in 2008 and was named chief scientist in 2009 at Fusion-io, a start-up - acquired last June by SanDisk for $1.1 billion- co-founded by Flynn and White and where Smith was president.