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Winchester Systems Upgrading FlashDisk Global Manager Software

V3 eases storage deployment and monitoring.

Winchester Systems Inc. announced an upgrade of its FlashDisk storage-management software: FlashDisk Global Manager 3.

This version, available at no charge to warranty and service-contract customers, has been redesigned to make it easier to configure and monitor the health, availability, capacity, and data-protection status of FlashDisk FX and VX commercial storage systems, and FlashDisk RF and RV ruggedized storage arrays.

FlashDisk Global Manager 3 software is installed on a computer with network connectivity to the FlashDisk arrays being managed. This new management server provides a foundation for improved responsiveness, availability, scalability and security. Administrators access FlashDisk Global Manager 3 using any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.) with a web browser installed.

A revamped user interface provides graphical representations of array elements, context-sensitive shortcuts and real-time status, to see and understand what’s happening. All mirror, copy and replication functions have been consolidated into a new Replication Manager function, simplifying configuration and monitoring of data-protection relationships and status. A new Network Diagnostic Tool tests bandwidth, latency and packet loss of network connections used for replication, mirroring and volume copying between FlashDisk systems. And configuration wizards appear throughout to simplify configuration and deployment of storage services such as Virtual Storage Pools and Automated Storage Tiering.

Upgrades to FlashDisk Global Manager 3 from previous versions are available at no charge to customers with FlashDisk FX, VX, RF, and RV storage systems under warranty or an active service contract. Winchester Systems also offers storage-infrastructure consulting, on-site installation and service spares, and 24×7 product service and support for FlashDisk worldwide.