DataCore and CommVault Partnering

Combining SANsymphony-V and Simpana software
This is a Press Release edited by on 2014.07.02

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DataCore Software Corp. announced a partnership with CommVault Systems, Inc. in which its SANsymphony-V will be integrated with Simpana IntelliSnap snapshot management technology.

Through the combination of their storage software, the two companies will deliver industry data protection and recovery operations for dynamic workloads to customers around the world.

IntelliSnap technology ensures that IT organisations, including application, virtualisation and storage managers, can perform rapid, granular and consistent recovery of vital VMware and Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and file data through federated search across indexed snapshots. CommVault continues to expand this growing ecosystem by enabling software and disk array vendors to integrate their snapshots with IntelliSnap technology through the IntelliSnap Connect Program.

"Today's dynamic application workloads require a different type of thinking as data protection needs to be looked at from end to end and centered around mitigating the impact to the business," said George Teixeira, president and CEO, DataCore. "As a result of our partnership with CommVault, organisations can now leverage the benefits of software-defined storage to accelerate data protection and recovery operations while making hardware maintenance, data migrations and hardware refreshes easier."

With the integration of SANsymphony-V and Simpana IntelliSnap technology,
organisations can:

  • Virtualise and pool access to any type of storage regardless of vendor model or brand, enabling companies to maximise their existing storage investments and boost application performance
  • Automate the creation of indexed, application-aware snapshot copies across enterprise-wide, multi-vendor storage environments
  • Simplify deployment and orchestrate recovery across all snapshots, backup and archive copies, while delivering storage specific reporting and managing replication
  • Minimise downtime with application-aware, point-in-time recovery of Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL, VMware, Hyper-V and other business critical applications
  • Reduce primary storage costs with automated snapshot backup to open systems, disk, tape or even the cloud for cost-effective retention

"CommVault is committed to working with partners who share a similar vision in helping increase efficiencies and reducing costs in today's storage environments, while at the same time ensuring data protection and recovery remain top of mind," said Jeff Echols, senior director of product and solutions marketing, CommVault. "As the software-defined storage market continues to grow, organisations will need data protection and recovery solutions in place that work across multiple-vendors in the same architecture - and we have achieved this through our partnership with DataCore."