ProphetStor and GDS Collaborate on Creating Datacenter Cloud Solutions

To enhance cloud-based DR
This is a Press Release edited by on 2014.06.12

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ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., in software-defined storage (SDS), and GDS Services Ltd, a HA IT services provider, announced a strategic agreement to carry out a collaboration in cloud datacenter infrastructure, SDS and cloud-based DR as a service (DRaaS).

The alliance brings to market DR solutions, initially targeting industries such as finance and government. The two companies will also pool resources in joint production labs as well as in branding and marketing. They will be combining their expertise in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with SDS and DRaaS to push forward a cloud-based DR solution leveraging cloud infrastructure to offer local and remote DR services. This DR cloud will be flexible and scalable to restore a customer's business data and critical application systems while enabling BC.

"We have seen that a DR cloud has clear advantages over a traditional model, and we are proactively addressing the evolving DR market, especially since we see a shortage of mature cloud-based DR solutions with high-end datacenter support," said William Huang, CEO, GDS. "The partnership between GDS and ProphetStor will greatly improve our customer's BC and drive a healthy and rapid development of the DR cloud-based market."

The DR cloud built by ProphetStor and GDS features the on-demand DR of a core business system, allocation of internal resources, and dynamic scalability. ProphetStor brings Federator SDS, DR Prophet and its proficiency in SDS and DRaaS to the partnership. GDS, already providing its high-end customers in the financial industry with advantages in infrastructure construction and operation & maintenance, brings this and its core competency in cloud computing, IT services and its data center cluster to the partnership. This collaboration plays to the two parties' strengths in backup and DR service.

As enterprises proceed to be defined by software, data protection for current and transitioning environments stand to be the next challenge for businesses. This strategic cooperation between the two companies aims to drive the adoption of and demonstrate the benefits of DR cloud services , key business applications, along with BC.

"ProphetStor has world leading cloud storage technologies and products, which can simplify and automate the discovery, abstraction and delivery of storage, and improve customer's data security and availability," said Huang. "Through the cooperation with ProphetStor, GDS can provide improved cloud-based DR service and expand our business modes. The two parties will jointly push forward the R&D of cloud storage solutions, provide better and more cost-efficient datacenter services to our customers, ad satisfy their ever-increasing business demands."

"GDS has a world-class datacenter cluster and deep IT service experience, as well as excellent cloud computing services. We see that the company has a great reputation in the banking, insurance, securities, energies, manufacturing, logistics, and Internet industries," said Eric Chen, CEO, ProphetStor, "The cooperation between GDS and ProphetStor is in line with the two company's values and mission which is to offer reliable, flexible and efficient datacenter services to help customers grow."