Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center Deploys Virtual Instruments

For 500 servers and 2PB of storage
This is a Press Release edited by on 2014.06.03

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Virtual Instruments, Inc. announced that Microsoft's Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) has deployed its VirtualWisdom solution in its lab to help customers model and validate infrastructure performance and troubleshoot issues that arise during scenario testing.


With more than 500 servers and two petabytes of storage, the EEC leverages the VirtualWisdom platform to provide insight into the performance of the IT infrastructure during application and scalability testing. EEC provides the lab resources and technical expertise to enable customers to execute validation testing, including product and feature/functionality evaluations, technology deployment testing and end-to-end solution scalability testing.

"VirtualWisdom provides visibility into the real-time performance of the infrastructure that our customers are testing on, and provides instant feedback about changes made to the applications or servers and the resulting impact," said Melissa Adams, systems engineer, Microsoft's EEC. "During the testing process, VirtualWisdom helps customers validate the underlying architecture and gives them the insight they need to effectively build and optimize their infrastructure to support the workload."

As organizations continue their migration of mission-critical applications from traditional datacenters to virtualized cloud infrastructures, it has become even more important to properly baseline and validate application performance with real-world workload simulations. EEC is a testing facility that is positioned to assist the largest organizations with application validation testing, reducing the investment and time typically required to migrate traditional workloads to the modern datacenter.

"We're excited to partner with Microsoft's EEC in order to help their customers understand the infrastructure requirements before they deploy complex, end-to-end solutions in their production environment," said John Gentry, VP marketing, Virtual Instruments. "Ensuring the performance of mission-critical applications is essential for organizations today as they look to leverage IT as a competitive advantage."