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Synametrics Updating Syncrify

Brings Exchange compatibility and troubleshooting wizard.

Synametrics Technologies, Inc. a division of InduSoft and a New Jersey-based solutions provider for IT professionals and computer systems developers, has introduced the latest version of its Syncrify private cloud backup software.

Version 3.6 adds a bevy of capabilities to the software. Offerings include a plug-in for MS Exchange versions 2010 and above, a troubleshooting wizard to help users determine and overcome any connection challenges and configuring router (UPnP support) that allows novice users to get up and running in minutes without manually changing router settings to bypass firewalls.

It is a private cloud backup software allowing multiple customer machines to backup folders/files to a central repository within its own enterprise. Unlike other cloud-based backups, it puts you in control. No other company will ever see or store your private files. This multi-platform data protection solution allows customers to access their files from anywhere at anytime. It also offers across-the-board folder synchronization and an incremental backup feature that recognizes small changes to larger projects, thereby making backup jobs run faster.

Other capabilities include:

  • New report upcoming and missing records

  • Event logs are created to Windows Event Viewer when backup starts and finishes (Windows only)

  • Ability to explore folders

  • Client cache can be stored in a folder other than Data Folder

  • Next run time for a job is added to access.log file

  • Minor bug fixes to previous versions of Syncrify

Since its original launch in 2010, the service has gained popularity due to its ease of use and the ability for customers to store backup in their own systems rather than a vendor’s. To utilize it, customers install the server on any machine with an Internet connection and adequate hard-drive space. Following user account creation, customers then install the client program on any machines they wish to backup. Once set up, individual users can connect to the server via web browsers to view backed-up files, as well as access and download previously stored files.