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New US Stealthy Start-Up: eXtreme Data Storage (Now Xitore)

"New way of solid state storage increasing bandwidth, reducing latency"
By Jean Jacques Maleval on 2014.03.31

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Founded just last March 6 and based in Orange County, CA, eXtreme Data-Storage, Inc., in stealth mode, gave to few information on its storage technology.

"We are focusing on a new way of storage, which will highly improve user experience by increasing bandwidth, reduction of latency and taking this experience into eXtremely new levels," wrote us CEO Mike Amidi. "Basically in a nut's shell our products uses a standard interface with a boost-up capabilities for Solid State Storage (SSS). Our product bandwidth is one magnitude faster, while our latency is much improved over standard products by few factors. At this time I can't share more information as we are in the process of patenting our IPs."

That's all he said on the technology and will not reveal more but under NDA.

The first product is supposed to be launched in 2Q15 at a $5,000-$10,000 price range and is aimed at high capacity, high bandwidth storage medium for high-end storage market.

The start-up with less than 10 employees is self funded by founders at initial stage and is working on initial stage of first round of investment. No revenue has been recorded up to now. It is at very early stage of communication with some OEMs.

The two co-founders are:
eXtreme Data Storage amidi Mike Amidi, CEO: with 20+ years experience in semiconductor and technology sector, he holds ten US patents and several technical publications. He served in several management positions at SMART Modular Technologies, Netlist, and WD more recently as director of program management office, solid state storage business unit. He has a BS in EE, BS in business management, and MBA with concentration in finance.
eXtreme Data Storage hashemi Hossein Hashemi Ph.D., CTO: with 25+ years experience in technology sector, he holds 20+ US patents and several technical publications. He worked in key positions at Unisys and Emulex. He has a Ph.D. in EE.