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StoneFly DR365 Appliance for Backup and DR in Single Box

Up to 26 1Gb/10GbE ports and 96 tiered SATA, SAS, SSD drives per solution

StoneFly, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, Inc., introduced the DR365 ‘DR Site in a Box’ total backup and DR appliance that consolidates all servers, storage appliances and backup systems into one appliance.


The DR365 appliance includes a virtual IP SAN storage appliance (SCVM), a virtual enterprise backup appliance (365Vault), and the ability to create additional virtual storage or servers as needed.

Windows and Linux VMs running on the DR365 appliance can be restored and used in case of a disaster while the main servers or VMs are restored.

Use of virtualized OSs allows for complete hardware utilization and reduction in power and cooling costs. DR365 flexibility replaces the ‘fixed hardware model’ of the past with on-demand resource allocation (such as CPU, memory, storage, etc.) based on application needs. Hot-swappable power supply modules, disk drives, RAID protection with battery backup and iSCSI port failover ensure system availability.

DR365 has been able to combine the latest in virtualization, software-defined infrastructure, backup, DR and cloud technology, all in to one easy to use appliance that is sold at just a fraction of the cost to the user,” said Mo Tahmasebi, president and CEO, StoneFly.

The 365Vault virtual backup appliance on the DR365 uses agentless backups, so there is no need for backup clients to be installed on individual VMs. VMs can be recovered from any point in time. Any backed up VM can be directly restored, or alternatively, users can select just a single file or multiple files to be recovered for their Windows and Linux VMs. Storage usage for backups is reduced by backing up only the blocks that have been changed since the previous backup.

StoneFly’s patented advanced storage virtualization services that are built in to every DR365 appliance include up to 2520 delta-based snapshots per virtual storage appliance, mountable read-write snapshot volumes, dynamic volume management, StoneFly real-time synchronous campus mirroring of iSCSI volumes and nodes, and multi-site/multi-appliance replication.

For greater data protection, DR365 appliances feature optional remote replication which allows the entire appliance to be securely replicated to a second site.

Other storage management features available for DR365 appliances include hardware-enabled block level AES 256 volume encryption, thin provisioning with space reclamation, optimized data deduplication for greater storage efficiency, support for CIFS and NFS NAS protocols, and VSS support for databases.

DR365 appliances ship with 12 to 24 storage virtualization engine cores, 32GB to 512GB of high-speed system memory, up to 26 1Gb/10GbE ports, and scale up to 96 tiered SATA, SAS, SSD drives per solution.