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“Astute Networks Gaming-Changing New Features Include NFS and OpenStack Support.”

Storage Strategies NOW report

Astute Networks, Inc., provider of networked flash appliances, announced that Storage Strategies NOW, an analyst firm, outlines the advantages of its ViSX OS v5, the latest software release for the ViSX family of Performance Storage Appliances in its February 2014 Snapshot Report, “Astute Networks Gaming-Changing New Features Include NFS and OpenStack Support.”

The report highlights technology as a “significant differentiator” and explores how ViSX brings a new level of capability by delivering NAS file system capabilities, as well as OpenStack support, and major storage system features, such as replication with encryption and data compression – all in a simply deployed package.
We consider ViSX OS v5 a quantum leap from a niche playing flash array to a major contender in the storage business,” said James Bagley, senior analyst, SSG-NOW. “This is because the move from a block-only device to a fully featured file server with NSFv4, coupled with an aggressive OpenStack strategy and the inherent network efficiency of the ViSX DataPump Enginearchitecture creates a highly desirable feature set, particularly for the mid-market at a value price. We expect OpenStack to expand massively into the midmarket, particularly because its former ‘geeky’ requirements have been supplanted by a group of major distribution companies, including Red Hat, providing delivery and support of complete products. Add the simplicity of deployment, with native VM support for multiple hypervisors and we find Astute Networks to be a good choice for organizations of all sizes looking to improve application performance and reduce software licensing costs. With the value side of the formula (a 4.2TB ViSX costs less than a compact auto), Astute is poised for remarkable growth.”
ViSX storage appliances are optimized to deliver random IO/s performance and IO/s per dollar value, helping to unleash the potential of flash performance, value, and investment, particularly in demanding virtualized environments. In VDI deployments, ViSX offers a low cost per VDI user, delivering not only reduced cost but also improved application responsiveness and performance. For critical applications such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and SharePoint, ViSX delivers a performance boost of 5 to 10 times, depending on the existing physical or virtual infrastructure. ViSX can also be used to accelerate access to data in non-relational, object based data stores.
For virtual environments, as well as physical infrastructure, ViSX appliances streamline virtual implementation and management through a VMware vCenter plug-in tab for vSphere environments. Users can also choose to use the built-in FlashWRX web-based management interface with any other hypervisor platform including Hyper-V, Xen and RHEV, as well as any physical environment.
ViSX also delivers advantages for cloud service providers with support for OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds. With OpenStack, cloud service providers are enabled to offer their IaaS offerings to performance-constrained environments to enhance user productivity and lower IT costs.
Storage Strategies NOW has a deep understanding of the flash storage market and clearly understands the advantages and value ViSX provides our customers to achieve ultimate performance for their business critical applications,” said Jeff Whitney, VP marketing, Astute. “By eliminating performance-robbing bottlenecks that degrade productivity, ViSX delivers predictable and sustained application performance for physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures that, to date has been unachievable at the price/performance value we provide.”

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