Plextor M6e PCIe SSD For Gaming

Up to 512GB, max. R/W speeds of 770/625 MB/s, Marvell controller
This is a Press Release edited by on 2014.01.15

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Plextor, owned by Shinano Kenshi CO. Ltd. of Japan, announces the M6e, an SSD designed to meet the demanding requirements of the gaming community.

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The M6e PCIe SSD uses a new generation of high-bandwidth components to deliver smooth, uninterrupted gameplay and excels the player to get to the next level. It combines the convenience of driver-free ACHI support with the compatibility of selectable legacy BIOS or fast UEFI boot.
It delivers maximum sequential R/W speeds of 770/625 MB/s and random R/W speeds of 105K/100K IO/s.

The PCIe Gen2x2 interface bypasses the SATAIII bottleneck, includes the latest server-grade multicore Marvell 88SS9183 controller with native PCI 2.0 support, and a pre-graded high performance Toshiba Toggle NAND flash.
The M6e's firmware, developed by Plextor's in-house team, optimizes the drive for gaming applications and ensures stability. Plextor's True Speed technology is also one of the features which provide a new improved version for long-term performance stability and effective multi-tasking.
With Advanced Host Controller Interface (ACHI) support, M6e owners get to experience the speed of a high-performance PCIe SSD without the need to load propriety drivers. Compatibility with legacy BIOSes allows the M6e to be used with existing gaming rigs for flexibility. Alternatively selecting the UEFI boot mode for motherboards with UEFI provides fast start-up times.

Along with performance and stability, the M6e SSD meets another key need of professional gamers: reliability. In the worlds most advanced SSD testing facilities the drive was put through rigorous testing and was required to meet Plextor's Zero-Failure Zero-Error mass testing standard; the result is a MTBF calculated at 2.4 million hours.

For stability, every individual SSD faces an extended high-temperature burn-in test and usage simulation. Plextor's testing and quality control is the reassurance of the M6e's full five-year warranty and Plextor's support structure.
According to Zhang Yaping, M6e product manager, "Plextor has built a close relationship with the gaming community so it is natural that we're the first to provide an SSD that meets their specific needs. Modern games push systems to their limits; by getting data from storage to the graphics card and into RAM fast, even under heavy load, the M6e makes the gameplay experience smoother and better. We've also optimized the M6e to perform smoothly with a large variety of games so it's suitable for use by all types of players."
The Plextor M6e PCIe SSD will come in 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512GB capacities. More details about availability will be announced at a later stage.