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ExaGrid Grew 10% From 3Q13 to 4Q13

Now cash positive, 1,850 customers

ExaGrid Systems, Inc. grew 10% from Q3Q13 to 4Q13.

The company also has turned cash positive and will be cash positive from this point moving forward.
Making waves throughout 2013, ExaGrid:

  • Surpassed  1,850 customers
  • Launched its most robust appliance that can scale to 210TB in a single grid
  • Has over 300 published customer success stories
  • Was awarded two new patents
  • Won four ‘best product’ awards, achieved finalist status in four additional competitions, and earned top spots in analyst reports from three independent firms

ExaGrid achieved a number of great milestones in 2013,” said Bill Andrews, CEO, ExaGrid. “ExaGrid has the first and only product in the category of scale-out disk-based backup with data deduplication. Customers increasingly understand the need to add compute with capacity, as backup and deduplication are both compute-intensive processes. ExaGrid is the only company 100% focused on disk-based backup with deduplication and continues to push the envelope as a technology leader and also an industry thought leader.”
A Year of Technological Innovation
In October, the company launched its latest appliance, the EX21000E. It scales to 210TB in a single grid system and provides up to 400% more throughput than its closest competitor. ExaGrid solves the compute problems associated with deduplication. Its disk-based backup solution permanently fixes the backup window as data grows.

The scale-out grid architecture and compute with capacity model, allows the company’s appliances to execute computationally-intensive deduplication functions in parallel across all appliances in a customer’s multi-appliance configuration.

In addition, landing zone ensures that the most recent backup data can be quickly restored or copied to offsite tape without having to rehydrate the data. With the advent of virtualisation, ExaGrid’s landing zone can maintain a full copy of a VM. In the event of a failure the VM can be booted directly from the system resulting in an instant recovery.
Praise from the Experts
Accruing four product of the year awards, four additional award ‘shortlist’ recognitions, analysts and industry experts alike have recognised the value ExaGrid solutions delivered over the year. In each of these assessments, it was pitted against chief rival EMC Data Domain, which requires expensive forklift upgrades once customers hit the data ceiling of the appliance, as well as slow restores since all data is deduplicated or de-hydrated.
2013 awards included:

  • IDG InfoWorld 2013 Technology of the Year Award
  • Disk Based Product of the Year at the Annual Storage Awards
  • Product of the Year at the Techworld Awards
  • A bronze medal in SearchStorage.com‘s  annual Product of the Year competition

Shortlisted categories at awards included:

  • Backup and Recovery / Archive Product of the Year at the Annual SVC Awards
  • Storage Magazine One to Watch Award – Product
  • Storage Magazine One to Watch Award – Company
  • Storage Magazine Value for Money Award

Report distinctions included:

  • Best-in-Class for solutions under $50k and $100k by DCIG
  • Earned 99 of 100 points in Info-Tech Vendor Landscape: Disk Backup report
  • ESG Lab Report – validation of the effective instant VM recovery capabilities of ExaGrid’s system when used with Veeam’s virtual data protection solution