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BackupVault Offering BackupExec.Cloud Replacement

Into UK-based datacenters

BackupVault (Blueraq Networks Ltd) is providing a solution for the customers who’ve been affected by Symantec’s decision to discontinue its BackupExec.Cloud service.

Symantec has circulated an email stating that it will terminate the BackupExec.Cloud service, and will stop renewing subscriptions and renewals to its service from January, 2014. But with many thousands of customers left rather in the lurch by this decision, BackupVault has offered the a respite, by offering to take on any of Symantec’s customers and offer them a superior service to that which they received previously.

The company is offering all existing Symantec customers free setup and data import to their cloud-based backup service. In addition, the service will be viewed as a suited platform by many UK enterprises in particular, owing to its British grounding. It features an entirely UK-based set-up, with its support facilities based in the UK, along with its two datacentres.

Commenting on the Symantec issue Rob Stevenson stated: “The removal of the backup cloud service which Symantec have been operating for some time will seem like a blow to many small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. But, in fact, this could be an excellent opportunity for many of these customers to migrate all of their data freely to a superior service.

Stevenson continued: “BackupVault has been offering online backup solutions worldwide since 2003, and we specifically aim our business at those who need help and protection with backing up their data. Not only do we make the process as simple as possible, but with BackupVault there are no setup costs, no additional hardware requirements, and our service grows with your business. The service we provide is completely scalable, and perfect for businesses that anticipate significant growth in the near future.