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Compuverde Supports Scale-Out NAS and Virtual Environments

Software-defined storage solution
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.11.22

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Compuverde AB, a storage solution for service providers, telecommunications companies and enterprises, provides support for both scale-out NAS and VM environments.

This approach enables Compuverde to provide storage options and flexibility to enterprises grappling with storing data at extreme levels.

Key facts:

  • Service providers and major enterprises are struggling with the energy demands and performance latency associated with scale-out NAS and VM environments.
  • Scales out to thousands of VMs: With Compuverde's solution, customers have the ability to add thousands of VMs to the same cluster, eliminating the cost and hassle of building a new cluster to accommodate scale-out.
  • NAS environments scale to exabytes of data: Linear scaling adds more nodes to a cluster while simultaneously boosting the capacity of each node, realizing substantial gains in ROI and performance.
  • Hardware-agnostic: Compuverde's software-defined storage solution jettisons the need for expensive hardware. By bringing reliability and performance to the software level, telcos, service providers and large enterprises are able to choose lower-energy, lower-cost commodity hardware without sacrificing speed.

Stefan Bernbo, CEO, Compuverde, said: "Most storage solutions support either scale-out NAS or VMs, but not both. This leaves service providers and major enterprises at a disadvantage when designing highly-flexible data center architectures. We engineered the Compuverde solution to support both scale-out VM and NAS, allowing users to scale rapidly using the infrastructure of their choice without sacrificing performance or cost."