1,000 Permabit Albireo De-Dupe Software Shipped Past 6 Months

Delivering "$300 million in savings to end users"
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.10.07

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Permabit Technology Corporation announced that its flash and HDD customers have shipped more than 1,000 arrays running its Albireo data optimization software in the past 6 months.

Albireo is on track to ship in more than 3,000 arrays in 2013.

Albireo is a purpose-built OEM deduplication, compression, and thin-provisioning software designed to meet the needs of hardware, software and service providers in the enterprise, cloud, flash, SAN, NAS and data protection markets.

"Our OEM partners have exceeded 1,000 arrays shipped with embedded Albireo software in 6-months," said Tom Cook, CEO, Permabit. "As more of our partners come to market, we expect to surpass 3,000 units sold this year. Most importantly, we estimate that our partners have delivered an astonishing $300 million in data efficiency savings to their customers."

"With this major milestone, Permabit has proven that data efficiency is being deployed broadly today," said Ben Woo, MD, Neuralytix. "For vendors that still don't have this functionality in their storage systems (disk or flash), they are rapidly running out of time! You can't differentiate storage based on hardware any longer, software is the key and data efficiency is the differentiator."

Albireo data efficiency software provides deduplication, compression and thin-provisioning capabilities and integrates into a storage OEMs existing software architecture. Data efficiency is a feature for the latest generation of disk and flash, primary, archive and backup storage across the data center and the cloud. With Albireo, OEMs leverage their existing R&D investments while accelerating time to market.