Organizations Using Cloud Storage for DR Spend Less, Recover Faster – TwinStrata Survey

60% of all users recover applications and data 24 hours after site disaster
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TwinStrata, Inc. announced the results of its 2013 Cloud Storage and DR survey.

Conducted between May to August 2013, the report analyzes responses from 288 IT personnel. The results indicate widespread acceptance of cloud storage and demonstrate the tangible impact cloud storage can have on DR strategies.

Among the key findings:

  • 60% of all users claim to recover applications and data in just 24 hours after a site disaster. An additional 19% estimated it would take less than three days. The remaining 20% (one in five) estimated it would take more than three days to recover both data and applications.
  • Nearly half (48%) of organizations that rely solely on cloud storage for backup and DR indicated they can recover both data and applications in just "a couple hours." Only 30% of organizations that do not use cloud storage for DR at all claim the same recovery speed.
  • Similarly, 47% of organizations that do not use any cloud storage for DR actually spent more than $100,000 annually on DR services - compared to only 27% of organizations that rely solely on cloud storage for DR.
  • Having a virtualized environment also made a significant difference to RTOs - 68% of fully virtualized companies claimed site recovery in "a couple hours."
  • One in three organizations continued to rely on onsite backups or offsite tapes as their only backup/DR strategy.
  • Almost two-thirds (63%) of respondents use or plan to use cloud storage for backup/DR.
  • Mid-market organizations that estimate one-day shut-down costs between $25-$500k were the most vulnerable to disaster, with 28% estimating it would take more than three days to recover data and applications Only 16% of all other companies estimated the same.

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"Last week's announcement that Nirvanix is shutting down has caused many organizations to question whether cloud storage is worth the perceived risk," said Nicos Vekiarides, CEO, TwinStrata. "Our survey clearly shows that the benefits of cloud storage are far too compelling to ignore, particularly from a DR perspective. With the right technology and migration plan in place, customers can recover from any disaster - even the loss of their cloud storage provider."