Secure Imation IronKey Workspace USB Keys Certified for Windows To Go

Up to 128GB
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.08.27

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Imation Corp. announced that the IronKey Workspace W500 has been certified by Microsoft for Windows To Go.


It delivers a performance security platform for Windows To Go deployment in enterprises and government organizations.

It features hardware encryption and a rugged metal enclosure, with enterprise deployment and device management options, including mass provisioning and IT management of the portable workspaces of mobile and remote users. The result is a fast, durable and secure IronKey Workspace PC on a ctick USB drive that lets IT meet the needs of a flexible, mobile workforce with Windows To Go, and protect the organization with always-on hardware encryption.

Windows To Go is an enterprise feature of Windows 8 that lets people be productive from almost any location they choose to work. Enterprise IT departments provision a Windows To Go drive with their corporate image, then users simply insert the certified drive into a compatible computer and thereby boot into a personalized Windows 8 image. The OS, applications and data are all contained on the certified USB drive, while still using the host PC's hardware and resources such as monitors, cameras and network connections.

"Organizations requiring a highly secure, hardware encrypted option for Windows To Go can now depend upon the IronKey Workspace solution to meet their needs," said Barbara Nelson, GM for Imation's IronKey solutions. "Marrying military-grade security and convenience in one device, IT managers can rest easy knowing that data leaving the building is as secure as when it is accessed within the four walls. For IT leaders, the IronKey Workspace W500 dramatically simplifies provisioning, management and security, and is ideal for deployment of BYOD policies."

Features and benefits of W500 include:

  • Military-grade security with hardware-based AES-256 bit encryption and authentication to help keep data safe and secure.
  • 'Set and forget' ease of use for an IT provisioned, managed and secured workspace infrastructure.
  • Rugged metal casing protects against physical damage, and sealed components to defend against tampering.
  • Speed, with more than five times the minimum R/W performance required for Windows To Go certified devices.
  • Capacity options (32GB, 64GB, and 128GB).

In addition, users will soon be able to implement centralized management for their W500 devices using IronKey Enterprise Management Server, empowering IT to implement policy control, reporting, password reset and 'silver bullet' features for remote disabling and decommissioning a device via a central dashboard.

Additional optional enhanced features include mass provisioning and deployment tools, and 'crossover storage'" which allows the device to be used as a traditional encrypted security-enhanced flash drive as well as a PC on a stick device for Windows To Go.

"The BYOD trend clearly is expanding beyond tablets and smart phones to the PC. IT departments are looking for ways to deliver secure, IT-provisioned and IT-managed desktops in a BYOD world, and Windows To Go fits squarely in this space," said Michael Osterman, president, Osterman Research. "Imation's IronKey Workspace offerings empower IT to manage the desktop environment, enable users to employ any PC of their choice, and deliver rock-solid security to minimize the risk of data loss in this new BYOD world."

"Windows To Go has quickly become one of the most exciting features of Windows 8 Enterprise. We're already seeing widespread piloting, deployment and adoption of Windows To Go on the existing certified drives. IronKey Workspace W500 delivers on our vision of a highly mobile solution that offers the same security and manageability you get with a PC, and meets the needs of companies who have contingent staff or mobile workforces that utilize a variety of devices," said Stella Chernyak, senior director, Windows Division, Microsoft Corp.

IronKey solutions meet the challenge of protecting mobile workforce, featuring secure USB solutions for data transport and mobile workspaces. The line includes the hardware encrypted USB drives, PC on a stick workspaces for Windows To Go, and cloud-based or on-premise centralized device management solutions.

IronKey drives are available from Mobile Security channel partners.