Library of Congress Turns to Avere

And FXT Edge Filers
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.07.05

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Avere Systems, Inc. announced that the Library
of Congress
has selected the company to increase the efficiency and
performance of its storage infrastructure.


The Library of Congress website and file repositories will be supported by
Avere's FXT Series Edge Filers, enabling congressional and public users quick
access to valuable content.

"The Avere FXT Series, with its
ability to deliver up to 150TB of flash in a single cluster, was built to
address the difficulty of providing fast and scalable access to large amounts
of content typified by the Library of Congress data environment,
" said
Ron Bianchini, president and CEO, Avere. "This is a tremendous achievement for Avere and we are excited that our
products are helping the Library of Congress deliver its massive data stores to

As the world's largest library and the research arm of the US Congress, the
amount of digitized data is staggering. With a collection of 150 million-plus
items ranging from cataloged books, to manuscripts, to sheet music and sound
recordings, the government agency required a robust and scalable NAS solution
for this data. With the help of Avere, the Library of Congress can optimize the
performance of its current storage environment and can consolidate the
management of millions of files into a single global namespace.

"The Library of Congress is a great
example of how to address big data management with hybrid storage systems that
are highly performant yet highly efficient,
" said Rebecca Thompson, VP
marketing, Avere. "With the
addition of Avere, the Library of Congress can continue to provide its
constituents with quick access to information in the face of continued data