Gladinet Updates iOS and Android Application

Adding remote wipe and easier document editing functionality
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.07.05

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updated iOS and Android clients
for its cloud storage.

Features include the ability to remove
company data from a mobile device which has been lost or stolen and a
more seamless document editing experience for mobile applications
accessing cloud storage.

Gladinet's CEO, Jerry Huang, stated:
"We are pleased to provide our mobile users with a richer
document editing experience. Now its even easier to provide mobile
access to file server data. For example, after file server migration
to create a cloud file server, remote users can enjoy mobile access
to cloud documents by editing them with any mobile application and
then using the same application to upload a modified document to the
cloud file server. Furthermore, if an employee loses a device with
sensitive company data, we now offer the ability to erase all
sensitive data from the device. This process can be initiated by an
administrator from the central management console.

The use of mobile devices has presented
enterprises with the challenge of accommodating mobile access to file
servers. This facilitates file server migration by creating an online
file server, at least in a functional sense, with all the traditional
controls expected by IT administrators.

The company also offers a self-hosted Dropbox alternative.