Tintri Supports VDI for Washington School District

As well as 90% of virtualized servers
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.07.05

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Tintri, Inc. announced that the Enumclaw
School District
#216 of Washington has deployed Tintri to support its VDI project, as well as more than 90% of its virtualized servers.


After initial concern about their existing, legacy storage system's inability
to ensure adequate performance for VDI, Enumclaw selected Tintri VM-aware
storage to support the deployment. According to Enumclaw, Tintri was chosen for
its ability to deliver 'ultra-book' performance, its
cost-effectiveness based on high VM density
and the ease of per-VM level management.

Enumclaw, which has over 4,200 students and faculty across eight separate
schools and support offices, recently initiated a VDI project to enable
a better overall end user experience at a modest cost. They evaluated ten
storage solutions, including legacy, and flash-based arrays, to support their
VDI project and determined Tintri to be the best, most
cost-effective fit for ensuring their requisite performance levels - while also
providing a more streamlined solution for managing virtualized

"Tintri has absolutely enabled us to
successfully deploy VDI, and do so in a cost-effective, easy-to-manage manner,
said Chad Marlow, technology director, Enumclaw Public Schools. "In addition to supporting our needs for VDI,
a single Tintri system is more than capable of handling our virtualized server
workloads as well; we currently have over 90% of our virtualized infrastructure
running on Tintri, and plan to add the remainder in the near future. What's
more, their intuitive dashboard features - especially the ability to drill down
to individual VMs - has enabled my team and I to save valuable time in the
overall VM management process.

"As more and more organizations
shift to virtualization, there's an even greater need for a modern, VM-aware
approach to storage,
" said Geoff Stedman, VP marketing, Tintri.
"VDI introduces new performance
complexities that can't be met by legacy storage systems because they were not
built for virtualized infrastructures. Tintri VM-aware storage is specifically
designed to enable organizations to overcome these hurdles and achieve desired
levels of performance - without having to spend obscene amounts of money
over-provisioning storage.