Emulex Gen 5 HBAs Power Infortrend 16Gb FC EonStor DS

Increasing SAN performance
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.07.05

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Emulex Corporation is
delivering Gen 5 FC connectivity as the HBA and exclusive embedded storage
target device for the new 16GFC-host Infortrend
EonStor DS G7i
storage solutions.

The Emulex LightPulse LPe16000B HBAs and embedded storage target device are
based on Emulex Engine(XE)201 I/O Controller technology, which offers performance, PCIe 3.0 support and improved efficiency, enabling a performance, end-to-end 16GFC SAN solution.

Gen 5 FC - the new name to specify the latest generation of Emulex 16Gb FC HBA
products - is designed for the virtualization, cloud and database era, taking
FC SANs to the next level by delivering more than just
performance and higher throughput. Gen 5 HBAs deliver increased SAN
reliability, data integrity, availability, management simplicity, reduced
operational costs across the data center, as well as performance acceleration
for virtualization and mission-critical applications.

"By delivering a true end-to-end
16GFC SAN infrastructure solution, Infortrend and Emulex are addressing the
growing demands of today's data centers, which feature the fastest processors,
high density servers and cloud and virtualized applications,
" said
Shaun Walsh, SVP marketing and corporate development, Emulex. "With 20% more I/O operations per second
(IO/s) than other Gen 5 HBAs1, Emulex Gen 5 HBAs are the industry's fastest and
most reliable, and are ideally suited to the new 16GFC-host Infortrend EonStor
DS G7i storage solutions.

XE201 I/O Controller technology, when leveraged in target mode, enables
the high level of performancefor backend storage
connectivity. LightPulse Gen 5 FC HBAs are also qualified and
interoperable with the new 16GFC-host Infortrend EonStor DS G7i storage

Together, the Infortrend and Emulex Gen 5 HBAs SAN solution meets the demand
for faster bandwidth and higher throughput, and unleashes the potential of
multi-core processor and SSD-driven applications and services.

"Infortrend's 16GFC storage
solutions are the answer to those seeking to guarantee the best possible
performance - both now and in the future - over FC networks,
" said
Thomas Kao, senior director of product planning, Infortrend. "Partnering with industry leader Emulex adds
quality and proven 16GFC technology to our new EonStor storage solutions and
provides our users with the best choice in high-speed HBAs to allow their 16GFC
storage to reach its potential.

Emulex Gen 5 technology enables
Infortrend customers
to meet demanding IT environments in the
following ways:

  • FC Performance:
    Gen 5 technology delivers up
    to 1.2 million IO/s on a single port, enabling its LightPulse HBAs to meet the
    needs of today's performance hungry applications, SSD and virtualized and cloud
    computing environments. Competing HBAs are limited to half the IO/s per port,
    preventing resource scaling between ports and potentially putting SLAs at risk.
  • Increased I/O Bandwidth With PCIe 3.0 Support: Gen 5 technology supports PCIe 3.0, which provides a faster I/O bus,
    more PCIe lanes and increased I/O bandwidth, enabling Gen 5 technology
    to match the performance capabilities of server platforms based on the Xeon processor E5-2600 product family.
  • GreenState Power Efficiency:  Gen 5 technology reduces data center power consumption and associated OPEX by delivering power to port ratios
    of less than three watts per port.
  • Reliability: The LightPulse family of HBAs have the industry's
    highest published MTBF, delivering enterprise reliability, with MTBF
    of 10 million hours, essential for mission-critical, cloud and virtualized applications
    (based on 2/4/8/16GFC HBAs)