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DBSync Releasing Cloud Data Warehousing and Archiving

For Apache Cassandra
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.07.05

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DBSync LLC, provider of cloud replication and integration for the CRM and cloud ERP data integration markets, supports Apache Cassandra.


Cassandra is a scalable NoSQL database architected for big data. Enterprise data warehousing and archiving has increased due to the demand for cloud based big data and business intelligence solutions across all industries and size businesses. The first release introduces Salesforce replication and archiving into BigTable. BigTable is a compressed, high performance, and proprietary data storage system built on Google technologies.
Highlights and features of DBSync's cloud
to BigData Replication and Archiving support include:

  • Complete or incremental archiving and replication of data for SOX and other IT compliance.
  • Auto-detection and addition of new attributes and data elements in BigTable from Salesforce.
  • Record versioning and history tracking.
  • Auto-scaling with Cassandra.
  • Ability to extend to include search and analytics

DBSync CEO, Rajeev Gupta, commented on the announcement: "Companies are rapidly storing structured and unstructured data as traditional relational databases are challenged to efficiently capture all of the elements and attributes. BigTable, like Cassandra, fills this gap. With the new release of DBSync, we provide Enterprises the opportunity to adopt best of cloud applications, like Salesforce, and leverage BigData to store and discover knowledge. With Salesforce, data fed into a BigTable, customers can not only archive large data sets but also discover and datamine knowledge from sales, marketing and support. Cloud applications have already begun to leverage Cassandra in many ways. An efficient way to replicate Salesforce is yet another step closer to understanding customer interaction and much more from CRM data. We are thrilled that DBSync can now offer customers options and support for storage and data intelligence."