Cooperation Between Rohde & Schwarz DVS and zweiB

Enabling creation of digital cinema packages at Filmfest München
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Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH (DVS) in Hanover
and Munich-based zweiB GmbH are supporting
the International Filmfest München (June 28th - July 6th) by equipping it with
three DI workstations CLIPSTER as well as the flexible storage solution
SpycerBox from DVS.


Even before the opening of Germany's biggest summer film festival, zweiB's
editors use CLIPSTER for the creation of the Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs).
zweiB applies the DI workstation for editing the film material and converting
content of HDCAM/HDCAM SR tapes into DCPs. SpycerBox is responsible for saving
the sensitive data.

With its range of formats, versatility and reliability, the CLIPSTER DI
workstation offers advantages to the Filmfest München: covering a
plethora of formats, CLIPSTER converts and processes the digitally submitted
films quickly; as CLIPSTER supports a wide range of formats, films that have
been submitted digitally can be converted and processed quickly. Furthermore,
the DI workstation enables high-quality DCPs to be generated faster than in
real time.

The DCP's quality and conformity can then be checked using the
DCI validation tool to ensure they meet the DCI standard.

Since SpycerBox can be integrated as a NAS or a SAN configuration - or as a
combination of the two - into existing infrastructures, it fits into the
festival's system architecture in Munich. It backups data reliably, quickly and
continuously - something which is of vital importance to events of this scale.
The Spycer software also allows cross-network and platform-independent data
management and accelerates workflows - allowing the editors
to browse image and metadata across the entire network and move it to where it
is needed at the particular time.

Filmfest München was established in 1983. It is a
summer film festival with over 70,000 admissions and more than 400 screenings
every year. Over 2,500 film industry professionals from around the world and
over 600 members of the press are accredited annually. For nine days at the end
of June Filmfest München screens over 170 feature films, documentaries and TV
movies from all over the world as an international, European or German

Diana Iljine, festival director, Filmfest München, said: "With zweiB, ARRI and DVS we have three
strong partners on board. Their expertise and experience help us to meet the
technical challenges of Digital Cinema and take the Filmfest München
technically-wise on a new level.

Tammo Buhren, MD, zweiB, said: "Both
CLIPSTER and SpycerBox excel thanks to their considerable flexibility and
openness, integrating perfectly into new and existing workflows. Thus we used
CLIPSTER for immaculate and timely DCP Mastering - already prior to the
festival's start.

Michael sales manager DVS DACH, Central Europe, said: "For years, zweiB has been realizing
impressive projects with our products. That is why we are really pleased to
partner with them at the Filmfest München.