Proximal Data Partners With Harwood International

To distribute AutoCache server-side caching software
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.07.04

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Proximal Data, Inc., a provider of
hypervisor I/O intelligence software solutions, announced a partnership with Harwood International, a provider of solutions for data storage.

Harwood will distribute AutoCache, Proximal Data server-side caching
solution, to companies ranging from SMBs to enterprises in global and vertical
markets. AutoCache with I/O intelligence removes I/O bottlenecks and increases
VM density up to three times to attain maximum performance for
business-critical applications.

"AutoCache is unlike anything else
we offer for optimizing application performance,
" said Larry Harwood,
president and CEO of Harwood. "By integrating with hypervisors in an unobtrusive way, it allows
companies to add VMs on their virtual server platforms, while enabling their
storage systems to keep up. Proximal Data addresses a gap in the Flash storage
market by using a small amount of flash in virtualized server environments to
increase storage throughput and deliver more powerful application performance.

"Our partnership with Harwood
International allows us to address the needs of companies that are concerned
with the performance of their virtual environment and want to leverage the
promise of flash while offsetting its costs,
" said Rory Bolt, CEO,
Proximal Data. "Harwood is an
established leader in the delivery of storage solutions, with decades of
experience and deep knowledge of their customers' challenges and what they need
to address them. By partnering with Harwood, we have the opportunity to reach more
broadly into new markets and verticals such as health care and manufacturing.

AutoCache is an hypervisor I/O intelligence solution designed to increase VM density in virtualized servers and accelerate
business application performance. With its I/O Intelligence, AutoCache characterizes I/O in real time and places hot I/O into a
local PCIe flash card or SSD and then supplies priority
data traffic to VMs. AutoCache dynamically adjusts to changing workloads
and will not impact HA processes such as vMotion. This simple
solution is a cost-effective way for taking advantage of the
performance benefits of enterprise clash, converting a modest flash investment into value.