Panzura Adds Support for Joyent Manta Storage Service

Providing platform for unstructured data backed up by Dell hardware
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announced support for the Joyent
Manta Storage Service
, a cloud object platform providing a
solution for unstructured data.

Joyent, one of the first partners added
to the Dell cloud partner program, joins the Panzura ecosystem of
cloud storage providers, giving choice for enterprise customers to
lower cost and increase agility. It is the first cloud-integrated
storage company to support the Manta storage service.

No organization is able to escape
either the worldwide surge in data growth or the increasing
dispersion of people needing access to that data. The combined
Panzura/Joyent/Dell solution lets enterprise customers leverage the
Manta storage service for all their unstructured storage requirements
with Panzura providing a file system to enable worldwide storage
consolidation and distributed file sharing.

Integration with Dell hardware carves
out opportunity for enterprise customers to experience the benefits
of cloud storage from vendors in their field. The solution provides
an archiving, backup, and DR platform with the Manta storage service
as the central data repository.

Benefits of the cooperation:

  • Sharing of files across all sites of a
    globally-distributed enterprise for access and productivity
  • Security from encryption of data
    both in motion and at rest in the Joyent Cloud
  • Integration with scalable cloud
    capacity for all unstructured file storage
  • Cloud-based active archiving, backup,
    and DR services

"The Joyent Manta Storage
Service breaks the traditional stranglehold of local NAS on the
" said Henry Wasik, president and CEO, Joyent.
"By connecting Panzura's Global cloud Storage System to the
Joyent Manta Storage Service, our customers get a full-featured
cloud-integrated NAS solution with a global file system and rapid
data access and processing in the cloud. This combination represents
a significant step in the cloud's march to replace local tier 2
storage in the enterprise.

"Joyent Manta Storage Service
represents an exciting alternative for customers looking to offload
and consolidate storage services to the cloud,
" said Jim
Thayer, VP of channels and business development, Panzura. "By
combining the Joyent and Panzura platform and integrating with Dell
hardware, enterprises can efficiently and quickly access and process
unstructured data with lower cost and a streamlined infrastructure.