SharePoint Backup Protection by KineticD

Ability to share work online and organize projects and teams
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.07.04

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announced that its KineticCloud
Backup for Servers
has been enhanced to protect all data
associated with Microsoft's SharePoint, a business collaboration
platform that provides workers with the ability to share work online
and organize projects and teams.

  • Coverage:
    It provides
    complete protection by backing up SharePoint 2010
    2013 content databases, service applications and search data
    leveraging Microsoft's native APIs.

  • Customized Backup
    SMBs and channel partners
    have the ability to set up granular backups for greater backup and
    recovery efficiency.
  • Delta Block and
    Incremental Backups:
    sends incremental data changes and only transfers blocks that haven't
    been stored in the vault, eliminating unnecessary data at the source
    and providing faster backups that consume less storage, bandwidth and
  • Agentless
    Backups don't require
    installing individual agents or plug-ins, providing scalability and
  • Granular
    Backups can be scheduled
    for off-peak times, or at specific intervals during the day for
    better workflow.
  • Hybrid cloud
    Access to off-line (local)
    and online (remote) versions of files provide ongoing availability to
    digital assets at all times.
  • KineticD Channel
    have the ability to augment their offerings with backup and
    restoration of this popular tool.

Jamie Brenzel, CEO, KineticD, said: "As
the adoption of virtualization grows, collaboration products such as
SharePoint provide SMBs with access to interactive tools and
technologies from any location. Whether on a local server or in the
Cloud, the need for the recovery of applications and their associated
data in the event of a disaster is critical. The backup and recovery
of products, such as SharePoint, provides access to the most current
versions of critical data from any desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Dylan Hodge, partner, Daxtech IT
, said: "Our customers look to us to provide them
with a turnkey solution for backup and recovery of all of their data
including MS SharePoint, regardless of location. With KineticCloud
Backup, we are able to incorporate a recurring revenue stream into
our business model that provides our customers with a reliable,
scalable online backup solution; a win-win for all parties.