Tracky Has Selected CloudSigma

With open software layer, provisioning and all-SSD storage
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.06.12

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CloudSigma AG, a customer-centric, cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider, announced that Tracky, Inc. has selected its public
cloud to support its social collaboration software and has already achieved
five times greater performance levels and 350% cost savings.

With an open software layer, perfect provisioning and all-SSD storage,
CloudSigma was the scalable cloud platform Tracky was looking for to support
its future growth.

"As a remote business, we knew the
cloud was the right environment for our services - after all, we are based all
over the United States and couldn't fly 1,500 miles to push a button on our
hardware every time we needed to spin up more CPU or RAM,
" said David
Longnecker, senior developer, Tracky. "By
migrating from our restricted, self-hosted solution to CloudSigma, we can do
things much more easily - on the fly. If an additional three million users
suddenly decided to visit our site tomorrow, we are confident in our ability to
spin up additional capacity as needed and for CloudSigma's infrastructure to
'just work.'

CloudSigma's ability to size servers exactly in line with Tracky's growing
requirements was a big draw for the company. Without pre-packaged bundles,
CloudSigma allowed Tracky to specify compute resources as needed on a
pay-as-you-go basis. This combined with CloudSigma's five-minute billing
increments, eliminated Tracky's wasted resources from over-provisioning while
adding a level of transparency to its VM deployments.

"Beyond CloudSigma's flexible
compute resources, the biggest draw for us was its open software layer,
continued Longnecker. "Without any
restrictions, we were able to deploy the exact applications and OSs we wanted.
We evaluated several other slutions before selecting CloudSigma, but all had
extensive limitations and lacked the support for any 'non-tested' distributions
or licensing. In contrast, we were very pleased to be able to use whatever we
wanted on CloudSigma's platform and continue to develop relationships with
outside vendors, like Microsoft.

Deployed in CloudSigma's Las Vegas data center location, Tracky uses
CloudSigma's SSD storage and, as a result, is seeing an overall application
performance increase of more than 50% for processing and page load times, with
an additional 75% increase in storage responsiveness. Furthermore, Tracky now
needs 25% less CPU and RAM as a result of eliminating I/O wait times.

"We are entirely focused on our
customers and supplying the most innovative platform possible to allow them to
do exactly what they need to do for their business,
" said Robert
Jenkins, CEO, CloudSigma. "If a
customer comes to us wanting to deploy the latest Windows 2012 server, Ubuntu Server 13.04 or FreeBSD 9, it should 'just work,' and at the
best performance levels possible. It's because of this attitude and approach
that companies like Tracky find a reliable provider in CloudSigma.