Qsan Into 16G FC SAN

In partnership with QLogic, up to 192 drives
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.06.12

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Qsan Technology Inc. announced its 16Gb FC storage solutions - the AegisSAN Q500-F30 FC SAN system.

The company partners with the QLogic Corp. to integrate the 16Gb FC technology into the AegisSAN Q500-F30 featuring two 16G FC ports, two 1GbE iSCSI ports, plus dual active controllers and hardware redundancy to boost performance and provide HA.
"Qsan has kept receiving demands for faster storage systems and that's why AegisSAN Q500-F30 system adopts QLogic's latest 16G FC silicon to double the bandwidth and performance for enterprises that are keen to grow their business. With the introduction of QLogic's16G FC silicon and the latest Intel Briarwood S1289 SOC, AegisSAN Q500-F30 system provides new levels of performance with high available transaction rates to maximize the performance potential for storage platforms," said Daniel Li, sales director, Qsan. "In addition, QLogic 16G FC silicon enables fully hardware offload and unmatched storage performance, which makes Q500-F30 ideal for latency-sensitive applications and virtualized environments. AegisSAN Q500-F30 system can satisfactorily handle the most demanding transactional workloads for business-critical applications while reliability is still highly secured. It is the system to maximize the ROI for our customers."
"Massive growth in data, a need for more VMs and increasing cloud deployments are accelerating the demand for FC storage and the adoption of 16 Gbps-based SANs," said Alex Tan, VP AsiaPac and Japan. "We are excited to have QLogic's proven 16Gb FC solution in Qsan's latest AegisSAN Q500 series array. Leveraging QLogic's FC technology helps Qsan deliver cutting edge storage systems to its customers with superior performance, reliability and value."
The AegisSAN Q500-F30 system delivers scalability supporting up to 192 drives. FC connections support backward compatibility with existing 4Gb and 8Gb FC infrastructure. The system also offers QThin, the thin provisioning capability that provides more physical resources than actually available capacity to avoid allocated but unused storage. Furthermore, it has integrated data protection functions including copy-on-write snapshot, remote replication, BBM, etc.
The AegisSAN Q500-F30 system was showcased in Computex Taipei 2013.