Qnap Demos App-Centric QTS 4.0, 400TB NAS, NAS Developers Platform, VioStor NVR Firmware v4.1.0

At Computex Taipei 2013
This is a Press Release edited by on 2013.06.12

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At Computex Taipei 2013 opening day, QNAP Systems, Inc. showcased its app-centric QTS 4.0 Turbo NAS OS providing home multimedia applications, unveiled the high performance business-class 400TB Turbo NAS solutions with VMware VAAI certification, demonstrated the developers platform for QNAP Turbo NAS, and displayed the VioStor NVR firmware v4.1.0.


QTS 4.0 Turbo NAS OS
The QTS 4.0 integrates multi-window operations into the web-based user interface to increase management efficiency. It also adds the Qsync utility for file synchronizing across different devices and file sharing across groups and communities with Team Folder, and integrates numerous smart mobile apps, including Qfile, Qmusic, Qphoto, Qmanager and VMobile, to achieve mobility of NAS access and management.

"In an era where almost everyone has at least one mobile phone or tablet device, the QTS 4.0 fulfills people's needs of mobile data access and synchronization, while providing storage for large amount of data with privacy," said Jason Hsu, product manager of the QTS 4.0. "The QTS 4.0's intuitive desktop and multi-window user interface introduce an exceptional NAS management experience."

App-centric, ultra home multimedia applications
The QTS 4.0 provides multipurpose multimedia applications and acts as a media hub at home. Users can collect, manage and share collections of photos, music, and videos with the Photo Station, Music Station, and Video Station. In addition, users can enjoy high quality videos stored on the Turbo NAS on a big-screen TV via DLNA, AirPlay, and HDMI connection.

The File Station supports photo thumbnails and video transcoding for browsing on different applications. The Media Library supports auto-indexing for multimedia files to be searched and browsed easily.

The potential of QTS 4.0 can be extended by installing more than 90 apps found in the QNAP App Center.

"The QTS 4.0 is built for users to flexibly use the inbuilt or install-on-demand apps the way they need," added Hsu.

400TB NAS solution and virtualization-aware storage
QNAP presented a 400TB NAS Solution for server virtualization combining its Turbo NAS TS-x79U series with new additions of the REXP-1200U-RP and REXP-1600U-RP. It provides a flexible solution for IT administrators to expand the total capacity of the Turbo NAS up to 400TB.

Equipped with various contemporary business-oriented features including being 10GbE-ready, flexible volume management, SSD cache, VMware VAAI and vSphere Client plug-in, Microsoft SCVMM/ODX, and thin-provisioned volume, the Turbo NAS optimizes efficiency and reliability in virtualization applications, and also serves as a high performance NAS for backup.

"The great storage expansion solution will relieve IT administrators from having to invest big at initial setup," said David Tsao, product manager of QNAP's business product line. "The solution can largely reduce inflexibility in IT budget allocation for businesses that do not see rapid growth of storage demand in the near future, but in some point of time afterward."

The QNAP virtualization-aware solution offers performance for businesses to deploy a virtualization environment.

NAS Developers Platform
QNAP's Turbo NAS Developers Platform offers SDK support and documents. It is a developer tool for users to develop project-oriented applications for diversified practices with cost-effectiveness.

VioStor NVR firmware v4.1.0
The upcoming VioStor NVR firmware v4.1.0, revamped with a new user interface, cross-browser support, surveillance storage expansion, smart recording and much more, was presented for users to enjoy an experience with the management of VioStor NVR.

It supports up to 64-channel display mode for live monitoring and 16-channel display mode for playback, provides practical local display, real-time system alert and E-map function, and offers more management convenience when users experience the surveillance system.

Moreover, at QNAP's booth users had the chance to preview the concept of VioStor NVR firmware - QVR 5.0 (QNAP VioStor Recorder).

The availability of QNAP's 400TB NAS solution, VioStor NVR firmware v4.1.0 and QVR 5.0 will be announced separately.